Essays on Risk And Project Management Report Assignment

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Appendix 3: Questionnaire sheet (In-House survey)18Executive summaryMethods of carrying out business have changed over the years. Risky ventures are the most profitable and businesses are currently seeking self actualization through expansion other than forming their own corporate social responsibilities. The report focuses on the effectiveness of risk management strategies companies implement and more specifically, the Coca-Cola Amatil Company. The report reviews its objectives in determining this efficiency through objectives and states the purpose for effecting it. The company background gives more information on Coca-Cola Amatil, its management, strategies and projects. The report background and problem statement will further explain the reasons and need for the study.

Methodology section illustrates the methods used for data collection and their effectiveness, followed by an analysis and summary of the results and the whole report. Introduction Risk management in projects is growing of its importance with the coming up of more uncertain but profitable projects. Growing companies such as the Coca-Cola Amatil company become more exposed to risks as they expand their operations. Managing risks enable such companies to carry out projects and deliver in time, while working within the budget and deliver quality as defined by the organization quality policies. Report purposeThe purpose of the report is to analyze the efficiency on Coca-Cola Amatil risk and project management system.

The situation has been provoked by the Company’s new project of leveraging the OAisys technology in Indonesia. Analysis of the risk management is carried out through five main objectives: To determine whether Coca-Cola Company considers risk management as part of their projects. To determine if the company has been identifying risks in the initial stages of its earlier projects. To examine the effectiveness of Coca-Cola risk management procedures in its earlier projects and its viability in the current projects. To identify any procedures that the company has implemented before to cater for earlier risks in other projectsTo find the ways in which Coca-Cola Amatil has communicated its risks to its employees and project managers are yet an important component of the report.

Company BackgroundCoca-Cola Amatil Company is the leading distributer of non-alcoholic drinks in Australia practicing in-house production of its supplies, soft drinks and mineral water. Other than its principal operating area in Australia, the company has penetrated in other countries like Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, Fiji and Indonesia.

The Coca-Cola Company Managing director states that the company’s main strategy is aimed at increasing its market share in the beverage market in Australia. This is through identification of new opportunities and exploring the current open opportunities by increasing its proceeds. The company owned shares of interest of about 50% in the Pacific Beverages Pty Limited which it sold to SABMiller earlier 2012. The management of Coca-Cola Amatil (CCA) comprises of eight officials, led by the Company’s secretary, George Thomas Forster and has nine directors.

Significant shareholders of the company include the Coca-Cola Company and its subsidiary holding 29.37% of the company holdings and Capital Group Companies which has 6.51% holding. CCL has also set major strategies on heavy investment procedures and Indonesia is the current target of the company. The target country has a reputation for strong Gross Domestic Product and a great population but with fewer ventures, suggesting greater opportunities for growth in the market.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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