Essays on Le Meridien hotel in Abu Dhabi - Risk Management Case Study

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The paper 'Le Meridien hotel in Abu Dhabi - Risk Management " is a good example of a management case study. Risk management is all about the implementation of strategies in order to alleviate or minimize risks. Le Meridien hotel in Abu Dhabi has got fifty-four floors. This hotel is situated in a place where it is very easily accessible. That is right in town. Analysis of the hotel shows that it currently employs approximately seven hundred people. The hotel is known to accommodate a maximum of fifteen thousand clients. (Bass, 2008) The hotel is structured in such a way that one can easily manoeuvre around.

The ground floor consists of the waiting lounge, the reception area and other recreational areas. This includes a tennis court, children’ s playing court among others. Also included in the hotel are swimming pools, Jacuzzis and eight steam rooms. In most cases, these areas are low risks for fire. The Le Meridien hotel also has got final exits for emergencies. They are ten in number. Eight are on the ground floor while two are on the first floor which exit to the staircase.

There are eight lifts that are used within the building and they reach the fifty-fourth floor. Each floor has five exits that connect to the staircase. Lifts for fire fighting have also been incorporated and they are four in number. These make it safer for firefighters to access the affected areas. 2.0 Fire safety features in the hotel 2.1 Automatic alarm systems Analysis of the Le Meridien hotel shows that there are automatic alarm systems within the building. These have been put in place so that they can alert the management and guests whenever there is a fire in any of the rooms.

This has been carried out because the management cannot be checking on every room. This is due to the privacy that is accorded to the guests. The alarm ensures that the occupants of the building receive the earliest possible warning that there is a fire within the building. ‘ This lowers the risk to life from fire. ’ (Robertson, 1989) 2.2 Sprinkler system The sprinkler system is used to quench fire when it occurs. ‘ This system is automatic and it always has water for any emergency. ’ (Ford, 1997)The sprinkler system is designed in such a way that the affected area only is sprinkled.

This lowers the risk of the fire spreading to other rooms. ‘ It also lowers the risk of the loss of life because the system does not need human facilitation. ’ There are two sprinkler systems on each wing of the building. 2.3 Smoke and heat detection alarms Le Meridien hotel in Abu Dhabi has got fire and heat detectors. These have been put in fire-prone areas and also in all the guest bedrooms.

In case there is smoke or temperatures in any rooms, where smoke can be expected normally, such as kitchens the alarm bell will ring. Therefore using the heat detection alarms helps the management to deal with any fire in its initial stages. This, in a real sense, lowers the risk of the property being destroyed without any person noticing. It also helps to lower the risk of people around the area getting hurt as they will receive an early warning. These alarms enable prompt action that reduces the risk of loss of property or even life.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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