Essays on Risk Management, Fire and Rescue Services Assignment

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The paper "Risk Management, Fire and Rescue Services " is a good example of a finance and accounting assignment. Risk management is the management policies and strategies which are meant to reduce the chances of harm occurring in buildings or other dwelling places. Effective policies and strategies should be put in place in ensuring reduced and proper management of risks. Risk can be defined as the chances of injury or destruction occurrence at buildings, dwelling places or any other region occupied by human beings. Risk can take place mainly due to exposure to hazards.

Hazard is anything that has the potential of causing harm in form of injuries, damage to properties and the environment. Risk assessment aims at ensuring any hazards with the potential of causing danger are dealt with before any harm occurs to human beings or occupants of various buildings. In trying to reduce fire hazards and risks, there is important of coming up with a fire risk assessment plan which will assist in the reduction of fire occurrences and risks associated with fire. Fire risk assessment has the main objectives of identifying the fire hazards while minimizing fire hazards risks that are likely to cause harm to the people.

Fire risk assessment also ensures efficient and effective physical fire precautions and management plans are taken and put into consideration to ensure reduced injuries and other kinds of harms that might take place. Risk management helps in determining the chances of a fire occurring on-premises as well as determining the risk it poses to those inside and outside the premises. British Standards Institution (2005, p. 87) maintains that Fire risk assessment is a planned and systematic evaluation of premises or building and activities being carried out there.

It also looks at the likelihood of a fire starting and the harm it can cause to people around and within the premises. In trying to identify fire hazards and people who are at risk as well as trying to reduce those hazards, risk assessment undergoes various steps of the fire risk assessment. It is important to put in place various strategies to ensure fire incidences and risks are reduced.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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