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15.0 References191.0 IntroductionCambria is a county in North West England, which is a non-metropolitan. The local authority of Cambria county council and county came in to existence in 1974, which is after the passage of the Local Government Act 1972, and contained of six districts. In the year 2008, its population was half a million. Cambria is one of those counties with sparingly population in the united kingdom with 73.4 people per kilometer square (190/sq mi). Cambria is the third biggest ritual county in England; it is bordered to the north by the Scottish council area of Dumfries and Galloway.

The west side there is Irish Sea, the south by Lancashire, while southeast by north Yorkshire and to the east by county Durham plus Northumberland. The Cambria County is considered the most exceptional area of natural beauty in England because of Lake District and Lake District national park. This area serves as a brainwave for novelists, composers and artists. Cambria is much of precipitous and consist every peak in England over nine hundred meters (3000 ft) above sea level, amid Scafell Pike at nine hundred and seventy eighty meters (3,209 ft), considered the highest point of England.

Cambria’s inheritance is typified by immigration, invasion, settlement, scuffles as well as skirmishes between Scottish and English (Molenaar, 2005). 2.0 Background informationIn recent years, exhaustive development and research has been carried out in the area of risk management in construction sites. It is largely realized that it is one of the most vital measures and ability areas in the field of risk management. Construction is a process that entails assembling of infrastructures.

For any construction to be successful an effective planning is required and its very essential, in case of those involve the execution and design of the infrastructure they must consider the environmental impacts of the job, construction site safety, budgeting, availability of the raw materials and inconvenience to the public due to the construction delay. The Cambria design build was formed in 1995 as a universal project and contracting management firm. It started as a small company but possessing competent workforce. Currently it has grown and achieved good reputation among the small and medium commercial build sectors.

The company has built a good reputation of prized labor for the customers as well as achieving competitive edge on costs. The company offers the following design build constructions and project management for both small and medium companies Beach at el 2005). The construction project management (CPM) is the general coordination, planning and control of a project start from setting up to the finishing point. It aims at achieving customers expectations so as to make operationally and monetarily feasible project which will be finished on time, with necessary quality standards and within the cost endorsed.

The construction project management is that management which is applied to the construction sector (3rd forum, International construction project management”26th /27th June 2003 in Berlin). The construction management association of America (CMAA) states that the one hundred and twenty main responsibilities of a construction manager are classified in to seven categories. These are; quality management, safety management, project management, planning, cost management, time management, and construction management professionals. Therefore in Cambria it doesn’t matter the size of the job starting from the construction of the house for dwellers to multi-sites retail parks all workers in the construction firms must possess a legal, moral and economical reasons to minimize the perils of injuries to the personnel.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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