Essays on Risk Management Strategies Assignment

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1.0Introduction1.0.1PurposeInformation technology investigation will form the better part of the undertaking. The dire need of businesses to improve their efficiency has led to many economical hitches due to the overlooking of the most basic and fundamental elements in the adoption process of information systems. The investigation brings out the mistakes most businesses do in the adoption process that has led to massive data losses and the exposure of business operation codes to competitors. The relevant formulation of policies will precede the investigations. This will help in the clearing of the air and until the problems are sourced and solved, the question of whose mistake was it will remain null and void. 1.0.2ScopeBusinesses information systems in the recent past have been in the forefront in the tussle to adopt or incorporate new business ideas and technologies that will help them attain the competitive advantage.

The market place niches have been diminishing day in day out and the monopoly of any market place has been a thing of the past. The phenomenon of rapidly changing market trends has been on the rise and this has made the business operation processes some what costly and unpredictable (Collins 2001). In this report, the analysis of the Massive tech company will be discussed and the relevant solutions stipulated in the solving of the set back that brought down its information department due to cyber attacks. The company lost a vast information base and has been having hitches that has made it struggle to recovery owing to the remedial process costs. The uncertainty of events that happen within the business have been the most restraining factor caused by both humans and also by natural occurring factors.

The process of proactive protection of business has always saved collapse of many businesses since the prediction of such events is somewhat possible through the use of available theoretical and empirical machineries. Reactive risk protections have been the most influential measures that cater for the risks that may happen within the business operation periods (Schein 2004). This happens through the setup and the implementation of the agile models that helps the business to accommodate the diverse market fluctuations. The precautionary measures businesses take will not always work and this leaves the business in the verge of collapse.

In the recent past, recession, in the global markets has left many businesses in turmoil. This has happened since the kind of business models that are adopted aren’t designed in such a way that they possess flexibility to cope with this phenomenon and any affiliated problems from the same. 2.0 Information systems in the business arenaThe emergence of many information technologies has been on the rise since the introduction of computers and other computing devices. The incorporation of technological pieces in the supply chain has the rampant improvement in the value addition on the products being processed.

This has been made easy through the comprehensive outlining of the information systems that have a direct relation to the company or business needs in question. This is true since the adoption of new techniques, uses the same infrastructure that existed previously wit h minimal manipulation or addition of other assets. This cuts down on the business financial investment hence an increased operational capital.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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