Essays on Are the Events of 9-11 and beyond Preage an Era of New Terrorism Essay

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The paper “ Are the Events of 9-11 and beyond Preage an Era of New Terrorism? ” is a provoking example of the essay on the military. Terrorism has occurred throughout the history of the world, but today the world is experiencing a new age of terrorism which is threatening the peace and security of the entire world. No nation, small or big, economically strong or weak has been able to escape from this growing menace. ‘ New Terrorism’ has manifold implications on our day to day lives, much beyond the impact on the immediate victims of the attacks.

Risk Management in the face of ‘ New Terrorism’ has acquired a completely new dimension. It is at best still in its infancy stages and there is a need to have a re-look at the traditional methods of risk management. The word terrorism is derived from the Latin word “ Terrere” meaning to frighten. Terrorism is defined as the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce especially for political purposes. Terrorism. [Online] Available from http: //dictionary. reference. com/browse/terrorism  [Accessed: 02nd March, 2010]. Although the origin of the word is as old as 1325 AD, the word “ terrorism” is still indescribable and one of the most complex words to define.

It could be best defined as the systematic use of terror, especially as a means of coercion. Although it may seem that the word has gained new dimensions in today’ s world, a look at the history of the world shows us that history of terrorism is as old as the history of man itself. It could be described in various forms, that is, as a strategy or as a tactic. The word “ terrorism” is so hard to define, not because of the complexity of the word, but because of the complexity of human thinking ( Hoffman, 2006).

The same act committed might seem like a crime to certain people while others may justify it as a holy duty. While some may find terrorism as a justified reaction to oppression and an inexcusable abomination, others may call it as an act against an elected government and the constitution. What may be terrorism for one man could be the freedom struggle for the other.

A lot depends upon the party whose views are being reflected. An example of this could be derived from the following quotations about 9/11.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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