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FIRE SAFETY FOR THE ANYWHERE COMMUNITY CENTREPart 1Fire Safety Strategy of the Anywhere Community CentreBased on the Building Regulations 2006 and Approved Document B 2006 INTRODUCTIONBackground Information: The Anywhere Community Centre is located in Prestone, Lancashire, United Kingdom. This institution offers the residents several community support services. Some of the services it offers are care and counselling which include advise and information, provision of advocacy, offering education courses in languages, Information Technology and others. Aside from these, this institution offers venue rental for gatherings like religious meetings, weddings, family get-togethers and many other services needs of the local people.

As a result of its success over the past years, the centre will be expanded by having a new building with facilities such as stage room, hall, chapel, youth room, offices, infants room, oil, store, kitchen, etc. as shown by its floor plan of the new building. As a consultant of the Anywhere Community Centre, the scope of work is to advise on the preparation of the institution’s fire safety strategy. The permission from the planning authorities will only be granted subject to bringing the existing building up to the standards demanded by the Building Regulations 2006 and Approved Document B 2006.The Building Regulations 2006 and Approved Document B 2006:The Building Regulations set design standards for new and altered buildings.

The regulations on the erection, extension or material alteration of a building is discussed under the Building Regulations 2006 and Approved Document B 2006. How fire safety is designed into a building is also discussed in this document. However, separate legislation applies in different parts of the United Kingdom. Building Regulations 2006 discusses the national standards which apply to all types of buildings, from major new developments to an extension to your home.

They cover all aspects of construction, including foundations, damp-proofing, the overall stability of the building, insulation, energy conservation, ventilation, heating, fire protection and means of escape in case of fire. They also ensure that adequate access and facilities for people with disabilities are provided to buildings. The fire precautionary measures tackled in the Approved Document B 2006 cover all measures that are necessary in order to achieve safety from fire. These safety measures will safeguard the persons in the premises of the building, its occupants as well as the fire fighters.

Requirements and guidance cover are means of escape in case of fire, fire detection and warning systems, fire resistance of structural elements, fire separation, protection, compartmentation and isolation. All these can prevent fire spread and conflagration, control of flammable materials as well as access and facilities for fire fighting. ADVISE ON THE PREPARATION OF THE ANYWHERE COMMUNITY CENTRE’S FIRE SAFETY STRATEGY FOR THEIR BUILDINGThis section outlines the fire safety strategy for the building of the Anywhere Community Centre’s in conjunction with the drawings detailing the type of fire safety facilities that will be incorporated within the building along with their respective specifications.

The development of a fire safety strategy is an essential element of building design to meet the approval of statutory authorities.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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