Essays on The Robin Hood Organisation Assignment

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The paper "The Robin Hood Organisation " is a perfect example of a management assignment.   The Robin Hood organisation is planning major overhauls to re-establish its authority and reputation, and to fight back again the despotic leadership of Prince John and the Sheriff of Nottingham. However, in midst of all these preparations, if King Richard I, returns back from his visits from abroad, to take over his position, the situation can turn either in favour or against the Robin Hood organisation. The situation would solely depend on the management capabilities of Robin, who is also a friend of King Richard.

Robin should act fast, and use his diplomatic and management skills to seek a meeting with the King, even before the Sheriff and Prince John could scheme against Robin by providing false evidence to the King and convince him of that Robin is a traitor. This meeting should ideally take place just outside the boundaries of the state so that the King is armed with all the necessary information even before entering his state and can take appropriate actions against the traitors. However, undertaking such a meeting might prove tricky, as Robin need to position loyal informants inside the competitor’ s camp to obtain the information about the King’ s return.

He also needs to act discreetly and should only inform about his intended meeting with the King to his select band of ‘ Merry Men’ , who can accompany him to give testimony against the traitors. On the other hand, if Robin fails to meet up with the King, the situation might become tense, as Prince John and the Sheriff can easily brand Robin as a traitor and provide evidence to the King about Robin’ s intentions to attack Nottingham.

The King might wage a war against Robin’ s organisation, which may result in the annihilation of the organisation. However, in such a situation as well, Robin should use his diplomatic and negotiation skills to seek a meeting with the King and explain the situation to him (Fowler 1990). Therefore, Robin needs to be vigilant about all possibilities and should employ excellent informants inside the Sheriff’ s camp who can provide timely information to Robin. Further, he needs to polish his negotiation and diplomacy skills to come out of tricky situations. What if Prince John becomes a King? Prince John can only become the King if King Richard I is murdered or die.

Therefore, to assume that Prince John has become the King, we also have to assume that King Richard I, friend and supporter of Robin, is also dead. This would create manifold problems for Robin and his organisation. Now, not only he is facing a despotic ruler and corrupt officials with immense power but has also lost the support of a powerful man.

In such a situation, Robin is left with only two choices, either to disband his organisation or fight against competition. In case Robin chooses to disband his organisation, he needs to do so very discreetly and look for another organisation that might consider taking over his organisation. Further, employee safety is something that Robin needs to consider as well while signing any takeover bid. He should also put forth his conditions, which essentially cover employee security and maintaining the integrity of the organisation (Halibozek 2005).

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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