Essays on Abortion of an Unborn Child Essay

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The paper "Abortion of an Unborn Child" is an outstanding example of an essay on social science. The cases of abortion have increased rapidly over the past decade. The rapid rise in the number is due to the high cost of living and unwanted pregnancies. There have been controversies on whether abortion should or should not be done. Personally, I believe that abortion is practiced.   Abortion of an unborn child due to an unwanted pregnancy is unethical. Justification for several arguments for abortion is valid. First, when the chances are that the child is born will have a severe mental or physical disability.

Additionally, if a doctor proves that the progress of pregnancy will cause a greater risk to the life of the mother and lastly if continuing the pregnancy will result in negative mental or physical abilities of the mother. Only in these circumstances should abortion be done. In cases where a woman gets pregnant, whether from rape or by a mistake, she should keep the child. The people against this belief are for the idea that an unwanted child is as good as a dead child.

They argue that birth may terminate the education of the teenage mother and that a baby born out of rape is an abomination. Having the arguments in mind, I believe that killing a fetus is similar to killing a baby because life begins at conception. Abortion causes intense psychological stress and pain, therefore, is not a good form of contraception. Abortion is further not justified because self-control can prevent pregnancy. Additionally, many Americans are willing to adopt, hence there is no point in claiming that the child is unwanted.

I would win the other side by convincing them that I understand their views on the topic, and yet I still stand by my current opinion against abortion. My belief will, hence, appear stronger. From the speech above, the people for the idea of abortion will understand why the other side (against abortion) is stronger in views, hence will adopt by opinions. I have used arguments in Rogerian style in my studies. I will use the form again because it helps to win over the teacher who has opposing views to mine.

It proves to him that I understand why he believes in a concept, and yet I opt for my current opinion.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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