Essays on Role of Information Systems Management (ISM) Essay

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Role of Information System Technology Information system management (ISM) is a form of modern technology. Private and public sector use this technology to manage their core activities in their management systems. Firms have to harmonize their resources like capital, raw materials and labor. These three resources are the major pillars that firms consider most important in running a business. The three managing resources go hand in hand with managing the information resource sector. An organization with up to date information system functions properly. Good information system enables an organization to coordinate all of her department smoothly.

ISM enables the collection, skillful handling of resources, proper storage. ISM also ensures equitable flow of resources and sees that the firms’ resources are used properly (Jones, 2008). The main aim of ISM in an organization is to ensure collection of resources of an organization, handled, stored and equitably distributed. When an organization utilize its resources sufficiently, the firm will experience a smooth flow of communication between its functional departments. This will make the firm earn profits. Before the ISM is introduced in a firm, adequate knowledge in the use of ISM must be attained.

One must know the objectives of the firm. This will help the organization fuse the firm’s objectives and the use of ISM. ISM solve problems in businesses and at the same time manage technology (Laudon, 2011). Accounting, human resource and, manufacturing sectors majorly use the ISM technology. These sectors are so sensitive. The information system in these organizations ensures the achievement of the organizational goal and objectives. Therefore, before designing and implementing an ISM system, a highly qualified ISM professional must be available.

He should know the organizational goals, structure and objectives. This will enable him fuse the technical part of ISM and business to achieve the organizational goals. The ISM professional will then design an information system that would communicate effectively and support the firms’ objectives (Jones, 2008). Currently like in accounts sector, the main mission of ISM is to equip the professionals and ISM managers with the ever changing information technology. When the professionals have these skills, they will know which technology to adopt and implement in any given situation. Technology is ever evolving.

Technology two years is not the same with the current technology. Therefore, frequent technology update the firms. This will enable use of up to date tools, techniques, databases and system integration. This will boost organization objectives and missions (Lucey, 2004). Competition among firms has become so tight. Different firms have developed different methods of surviving in the market. Technological advancement is one of the methods that the firms use to increase their output. With good ISM systems in either of the firms, work load will largely reduce, and expenses will reduce.

This will boost the firm’s revenues compared to firms using outdated technological advancements. Usable Information System ensures effective utilization of all firms’ to produce much output. Therefore, the ISM mission in the accounting firms is to equip professionals with knowledge in ISM. This will increase output compared to firms using outdated technology, hence the firm with better ISM technology survive the cut throat competition (Jones, 2008). The importance of ISM in our firm is that it broadens and deepens our existing skills and knowledge in ISM.

Adequate knowledge in ISM will give us an upper hand in choosing the best research staff and improving our negotiation skills in information system field. We will be adverse with the evolving technology. The deep and broad skills and knowledge improves the firm’s output. With these skills, we chose the best staff to contribute in the ISM sector. All these are to better the staff and to ensure the firm withstands all harsh economic situations. For a business to withstand the challenging economic situations, its information system must be up to date (Lucey, 2004). Therefore, Information System Management main role and mission is to ensure a firm achieves its objective of surviving in the hard economic times.

Firms must have an up to date ISM system to link business and technology hence profits (Laudon, 2011). References Jones, A. (2008). Management Information Systems. New York: Cengage Learning. Laudon, J. (2011). Management Information Systems with MyMISLab. New Jersey: Pearson Education; 12 edition. Lucey, T. (2004). Management Information Systems. New York: Cengage Learning EMEA.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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