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The paper "Role of Integrated Marketing Communications Tools" is a wonderful example of an assignment on marketing. IMC tool helps to develop interactive marketing, public relations, and advertising by creating the required push for the new products. Using different IMC tools like Facebook, print media, and traditional media helps to spread awareness about the campaign (Arnold, 2005). The aim of IMC tools is to spread awareness and make more and more people aware of the brand. This looks to develop new ways and processes to select the appropriate media mix and based on it proposes a mechanism through which the message is passed. Observation on Article Observation Comments Challenges The biggest challenge here is to use the correct IMC tool so that the targeted audience can be communicated with the message.

It is also imperative that the social media which is used spreads the correct message and doesn’ t tarnish the brand image of the organization Opportunities To use the latest developments in the field of technology like Facebook along with traditional methods of marketing which will help to improve the brand image and spread awareness especially when the organization looks to work for a noble cause. Understanding the new media and the manner it relates to the targeted audience will help marketers pass on the correct message to the correct audience in the most effective manner Adherences/deviations from IMC concepts and principles Adherence: The use of IMC tools like traditional media and social tools will spread awareness and bring customers together for a noble cause Deviations: The objective of the IMC tool is to build brand awareness by understanding the customer wants.

This increases the risk as the use of the tool which is untested might not lead to the same result. Trends & future ramifications/ Likely outcomes & affects The article highlights the increased use of technology and the growth of internet tools along with a traditional method which has to be used in the future for advertising. Development of new tools will make the field of IMC for dynamic and interesting and will increase the opportunity of brand building through new and innovative methods Impact on industry/brand Using an interactive and dynamic tool like social networking sites will help to target the correct segment of customers Help to focus customized marketing strategy for each stratum and segment of the society Likelihood of development Use of technology will provide the opportunity to use new tools and will improve two-way interactions between the company and the consumer thereby widening the role of consumers Development of new IMC tools will help to build the brand and ensure better reach to a large number of audience The main objective of the IMC tool is to attract the correct section of the society so that the message can be clearly communicated.

The article uses contents as a method through which the brand is promoted by using the different IMC tools will help to generate better financial returns both in the short and long run.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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