Essays on Role of Master of Business Administration in Organisation Admission/Application Essay

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Role of MBA Master of Business Administration (MBA) helps one to enhance the skills required for an organisation. The degree enhances one to fit into any organisation and meet the organisational goal. Even though, one might have experience but it stimulates the individuals’ overview towards an organisation. Likewise in Bay Path College, MBA helps to create the entrepreneur’s mind with a view to innovate that helps to prepare the individual as a leader in big companies, non profits firms as well as small businesses. The course develops an individual by facilitating new visions and concepts.

It helps to enhance the individual’s capability to know the real life problems. It helps for career advancement like it makes one ready for manager’s position along with greater responsibility and higher salary. It will provide rise in job satisfaction with increase in learning. It helps the individual with the exposure to handle the business and confidence to start up a new firm. It develops the individuals versatile so that they can face any business problems. In Bay Path College, there are 17 courses on MBA, which are widely different from one another.

Most of the courses are related to entrepreneurship, business ethics and human resource. Credits are utilised to analyse the student’s aptness in any of the course e. g. ‘MBA600 - Introduction to Entrepreneurial Thinking and Innovative Practice’ is the course name having 3 credits. The curriculum provides the elements for entrepreneurial thinking for 21st century (Bay Path College, “MBA Program”). With experience of 7 years working at different levels of different organisation, I feel the urge of MBA to get into the organisational hierarchy.

Presently, I am working in New England Shelter for Homeless Veterans in Boston as a payroll and disbursement manager. I worked as human resource administrator, payroll manager and disbursements manager, which is mostly related to human resource management and financial management. But earlier, I had experience as an office manager and also in keeping books for 4 years at Schwartz and Nystrom in Boston, MA. In accordance to the experience, the courses related to human resource management are MBA610 Human Capitals, where the subject offered under the category would be Recruitment and Selection of human beings, MBA 615 Job analysis: from job description to job evaluation, MBA 620, which includes organisational behaviour and leadership, MBA 635, human resources: best practices and techniques, etc.

There are courses regarding the entrepreneurship, where a shift will be taking place, an individual can start his own business with his own creative thinking and thoughts. Few of the certificate programs of MBA are available through which I can relate to my experiences. Although, the degree and certificate courses differ but both utilise the same subjects for my career advancement and which will be great for me. Nonetheless, MBA will provide me a platform through which my career will be advanced along with a new managerial position and increased salary.

I will be able to solve the real life business problems in any organisation as the course would make me adept with several case studies and it will provide me confidence to handle my job function in a much better way. So, I think the MBA course in Bay Path College would not only be exciting for my career but also my life.

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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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