Essays on Group Process in the Challenger Launch Assignment

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The paper "Group Process in the Challenger Launch" is a worthy example of an assignment on category. Some of the key factors that led to the crashing of the Challenger leading to the perishing of seven crew members in 1986 were lack of proper leadership, failure to consider the feedback provided by the team members and ignorance (Edmondson, 2003). As a group member who is always focused on offering the best alternatives in any situation, my ability was once faced with limitations resulting in a huge financial loss for the group.   This was based on the fact that one of the rules was that the group leader, who was suffering from regular shaking of his left hand, was the only one to keep the laptop password.

Secondly, he was the only one to determine where to store it. This implies that other members of the group could not easily access the laptop regardless of the situation. It was only during the meetings where we could get updates on our financial group transaction among other business-related transactions. My opinion was that each one has must be aware of the password and instead of our leader carrying the laptop to his residence, it should be left in the office.

In my opinion, though supported by some members, the leader hesitated to listen to my arguments that were based on security (House, 1971). It one time, the leader made a mistake of placing the laptop on his window plane within seconds, his hand started to shake making the laptop to slide and fell on the ground resulting it to crash completely and all the soft documents were lost including urgent projects that took months to be prepared and were ready to be delivered. Despite being involved in a group where my ability was limited, I have been in a group where I felt I had the freedom to participate and present my point of view.

This was during the discussion on the professional of the group patron who we were focused on hiring. Most of the members, as well as leaders, were for the idea that he or she be a politician since it was possible to get external funds.

However, my point of view was that the position requires that one possess skills in project management and leadership skills. One of the key aspects of this group was that the leader s provided the team members with opportunities to provide their feedback and then they evaluate them and implement the policies (Guastello, 2007). Additionally, group members who were resistant to change were given a chance to give their views.   In this regard, other members of the group and the leaders discussed my views and adopted them wholeheartedly. As a manager, I would enhance good group-based decision-making by first ensuring that whenever a project is started, each member is given an opportunity to give feedback (Stewart and Manz, 1995).

This will not only avoid future financial or loss of information but also it will avoid loss of time. In addition, I would emulate democracy kind of leadership where positive relationships among the members will ensure that the group goals are met within the stipulated deadline.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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