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Roles and Functions The 21st century has ushered in a new array of global challenges. Domestically the United s additionally must encounter a number of issues. While energy, unemployment, and environmental concerns constitute major issues, undoubtedly health care is a major concern. With contemporary concerns relating to health care, there is an increasing emphasis on the role of health care managers in ensuring quality care. Indeed, there are now an estimated 100,000 in health care management positions (‘Health care management careers, ’ 2010). My own interest in health care is partially derived from being able to contribute to this quality care.

I recognize, however, that there are multitudes of ways that health care managers contribute to health care. This essay constitutes a reflection of the roles and functions of health care managers. In considering the role of health care managers there is the recognition that this profession operates in a variety of differing contexts. One of the most prominent contexts for health care managers is the hospital. In this way it’s indicated that 40% of health care administrators work in hospital contexts (Davilla 2011).

In this context there are a variety of responsibilities, including managing the health care staff in a human resource capacity. As one would expect there are significant human resource demands in a hospital, the management of which constitutes an effective contributor to success. While a strong amount of health care managers work in hospitals I also recognize that they work in a plethora of health related contexts. In determining the most important role they play, I would have to say it would be providing efficiency and reliability to the specific establishment.

It is the responsibility of the medical practitioner to engage in the actual patient care, but without the health care manager this care cannot be executed in the most effective way possible. Perhaps the thing I want to gain the most out of this course is a firm understanding of how I can pro-actively become a better health care manager. While I have previous experience in management I recognize that in large part the interpersonal skills associated with this job are those that instinctual or learned through years of experience.

I believe that many skills related to health care administration, however, can be learned in a classroom setting. It is my hope that in addition to providing me tangible career skills then, that the course will also provide me future direction in the pursuit of my career goals. In conclusion, this essay has considered the roles and functions of health care managers. Within this context of understanding it’s demonstrated that health care manager’s most important function is to provide effective and efficient human resource management in health contexts.

In terms of this course, I have indicated that I would like to gain a more thorough understanding of how I can become a better health care manager. In this way I hope to gain direction for my future studies. References Davilla, L. (2011). How to become a health care administrator. Retrieved from http: //wwwhttp: //www. innerbody. com/careers-in-health/how-to-become-healthcare- administrator. htmlhealthmanagementcareers. org/careers. cfm Health management careers. (2010). Retrieved from http: //www. healthmanagementcareers. org/careers. cfm

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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