Essays on Consumer Digital Journey: JB HI-FI Case Study

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The paper "Consumer Digital Journey: JB HI-FI" is an outstanding example of a marketing case study.   The focus of this assignment would be on JB HI-FI Company, which bases its core operations in distributing music CDs across the Australian and New Zealand markets. JB Hi-FI is a company based in Australia; Melbourne, that deals in the selling of electronics products like radios and television sets. However; in its initial operation years, the company was known mostly for the distribution of vinyl records and later transformed into the sale of music CDS from such imported markets like the United States of America and the United Kingdom (JB HI-FI 2014).

Imported music CDs from Asia and other sections of Asia are distributed under a special order process. The company operates within a retailing industry. The retailing industry in Australia is considered to be growing extensively so is the company (JB HI-FI 2014). Given that the firm offers the products at a cheaper price it can be assumed that the target consumers for their products are a middle-income population, which are willing and able to purchase these products at a relatively fair price.

The middle-income group has enough disposable income to buy such electronics products like hi-fi based equipment, music CDs and television sets (JB HI-FI 2014). Purchase Process For this case, the purchase process would involve the buying of a Samsung LED TV on JB Hi-Fi digital platform. First, I would one would perceive the item on the company’ s website being sold at an offer price. Old and new prices are both included within the details of the product in order to attract the potential consumer into wanting to buy the product.

For instance, in this case, the Samsung LED TV is displayed in terms of its details and picture (JB HI-FI 2014). A potential customer is able to analyze this item that they like in regards to such specifications as a web browser, Wi-Fi enabled as well as a content streaming and screen monitoring features. The old price for this product was $1,498 but now its $ 1,398, postulating a 100 per cent, which is a marketing aspect that is meant to attract the potential capability of consumers into purchasing a product that was not planned for at the beginning (JB HI-FI 2014).

Significantly, there is a cash bonus that a consumer is entitled to after purchasing the product. Second, on seeing the product, one is forced to tap the product in order to perceive more details about the product that had not been placed on the initial page. In fact, it is safe to postulate that the initial page is meant specifically for advertising the numerous products but the current page is meant to put more light into the features of the product.

At this stage, one is provided with an option to add the product into a purchasing cart. Subsequently, the terms and conditions for shipping are also set out for the consumers to familiarize themselves with (JB HI-FI 2014). Third, one would then be set to seek the opinions of friends in regards to the product before commencing with the process further. The importance of this stage is to find out whether or not the purchasing of the product the company is considered safe and sound.

In fact, it is set to seek any positive or negative experiences close friends might have encountered while purchasing any item from the site. Fourth, one is set to decide whether they can go ahead to purchase the product online or offline. It is important to comprehend that JB HI-FI has physical stores across the country hence at this stage, in case the aspect of trust is missing, it might force one to visit the stores in person to ascertain the authenticity of the product (JB HI-FI 2014).

In the event that one embarks to visit the stores physically, then it is important to locate the nearest one in order to cut costs attributed to transportation and time resource. However, in the event that one embarks on a digital platform, then one is allowed an option to click on the “ add to chart” tab under which one is taken to yet another page where one is allowed the option of continuing with the process of shopping for other items or continue to purchase.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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