Essays on Rural Reform In China Book Report/Review

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Book Review Demystifying The Chinese Culture is a non-fiction book, written by Jutin Yifu Lin. The book is a product of Cambridge University press. It talks about the rise of Chinas economy and the challenges the same went through during the reforms of its economic structure. The core of this book arises when Justin introduces chinas reforms and later on lists down its gratifications and drawbacks, giving recommendations for the latter. He gives a clear parody of how the land reform was implemented after a three-year agricultural crisis. This came about after China ignored prevailing theories and opted for the successive dual-track reform, initiated in 1978. The introduction of family planning policy played a major role in the decline of population density, hence food production per capita.

This helped China to be self-sufficient. Several theories opposed the new system, examples being the traditional economic theory and the orthodox theory. Extensive geographical areas and different farming practises made supervision of agricultural production difficult. Food insecurity emerged with the rise in consumption of non-staple food and industrialization of rural areas. Agricultural production is not a major issue since population cannot increase by more than 2 % ( Lin 165). Health, education and social services is regressive in rural areas, hence the need to improve farmers income. This is an interestingly informative production because of how Justin describes the reform process.

The book is highly sarcastic in its palatial depiction of the eminence and prejudices of the new reform. This links him to other critics of Chinas economic reform, including Brown Lester and Madison Angus, just to mention but a few. As Justin recommends, infrastructure must be improved to reduce transaction cost.

However, would building a unified national market only discourage farmers in rural areas? Work CitedLin, Justin Y. Demystifying the Chinese Economy. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2012. Print.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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