Essays on Ruyi Lifestyle - PESTLE and SWOT Analysis Case Study

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The paper "Ruyi Lifestyle – PESTLE and SWOT Analysis” is an exciting variant of case study on marketing. Ruyi Lifestyle is a start-up firm that combines wellbeing, fashion, and sportswear to come up with athleisure wear which is a current trend in the industry. This is a firm that has been able to grow to be a luxury activewear brand within 11 months in a category that is highly competitive. The firm faces competition from large scale as well as small scale designers. This includes firms such as Adidas who have been operating in the high-end category in sportswear and fashion.

The target market has been mainly on the UK women wear segment and has been considering expansion into men wear. The women targeted are expected to have high disposable income and between the ages of 25-40. Main issues focused by Ruyi have been on quality, costs and managing efficient processes. This summative essay is aimed at helping Ruyi to improve and make the operational side of her business smarter. This will include macro (PESTLE) and micro (SWOT) analysis of the industry and company respectively.

The essay will also include a description and analysis of the operations for Ruyi's lifestyle as a start-up. Lastly, the essay will provide key recommendations for the operations function based on what they can do better and why. PESTLE analysisPoliticalPolitical factors play a very important role in industry backend. This is the part that is not normally seen by the customers. The political environment determines how the firms in the industry produce their goods and services and the profit they make (Cumming and Zahra, 2016).

The UK has great policies for growth which are very valuable to the industry. This includes low-interest rates for the industry as well as arranged international agreements on tax. Despite this, the recent break from the EU might impact the business as it expands overseas in Europe (Cumming and Zahra, 2016). EconomicA UK market collapse could mean bad news for the industry. This is especially in the high-end athleisure wear where customers may switch to lower-end products which are cheaper (Ran, 2015). The costs of labor have also been a major factor in the industry.

With an unpredictable economy, a lot of firms have been looking for new markets (Cumming and Zahra, 2016). SocialThe industry is highly reliant on having good public relations. In the UK, health consciousnesses have been on the rise. People have been moving towards having good lifestyles. This implies that there has been a rise in purchases of sports apparel which is very important for industries such as Ruyi. In addition, the industry has been under criticism for sweatshops. This is an area that the firm has to ensure they do not engage in (Jones and Hayes, 2004). TechnologicalTechnology in the industry has made it easy to innovate.

This includes making it easy to interact with customers and enhancing design. Social media has been an important avenue to build the brand. Despite this, social media is a double-edged sword and can build or destroy a brand. This has been well utilized by firms such as Adidas and Nike. Through technology advancement, it has become easy to have market metrics (Burns, 2010). This has made it possible for the firms in the sports fashion industry to innovate, increase revenue and optimize targeting.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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