Essays on Analysis of Marketing Concepts Using S-26 GOLD BABY FORMULA 900g Case Study

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The paper "Analysis of Marketing Concepts Using S-26 GOLD BABY FORMULA 900g " is an outstanding example of a marketing case study.   S-26 GOLD BABY FORMULA 900g is a product of Wyeth. Wyeth is a worldwide company that carries out research and manufactures pharmaceutical products. It is involved in the development and marketing of pharmaceutical products, vaccines in addition to biotechnological products. The products of Wyeth Company are for both human beings and animals. Its product line includes prescription drugs and other health products which include over the counter drugs in addition to nutritional products.

The products of Wyeth are found in over 140 countries. The manufacturing facilities of Wyeth are found in five continents (Davids and Newcomb, 2006). Most of the Wyeth’ s businesses were sold in the 1990s and it only retained those dealing with pharmaceutical products and medicine. The initial name of Wyeth was American Home Products (AHP) which was incorporated in 1926. The company changed its name from AHP to Wyeth in 2002. In spite of the company having popular products, none of its products bears its name. AHP was a financially successful company that operated anonymously (Allred, et al, 2007).

Its success is attributed to the management team which is regarded to be competent in addition to diversification of products and closely guarded expenditures with the exception of advertising expenditures (Simkin, 2002). AHP has been able to diversify its products through the acquisition of various companies. In most cases, the company either improved innovative product lines produced by its competitors or bought the competitor all together to remain competitive in the volatile market (Davids and Newcomb, 2006). The company also carry out the aggressive advertisement and at the same time maintains its reputation in the medical community.

Some merger negotiations in the 1990s between Wyeth and other competing companies failed. Of significant were Wyeth’ s moves to a merger with SmithKline Beecham, Monsanto, and Warner-Lambert which failed. Wyeth confronted several legal problems during its restructuring process. For instance two of Wyeth’ s weight-reducing drugs were implicated to be behind heart valve damage to its users. A lawsuit resulting from this finding cost the company above$3.75 billion in a settlement. In spite of the problems, Wyeth’ s franchise pharmaceutical business remained strong as it entered the 21st century.

Wyeth’ s products are used for the treatment of a wide range of ailments. The products include vaccines, biotechnological products and traditional pharmaceuticals (Grover & Vriens, 2003). Wyeth continues to invest much in the research and development of antibiotic resistance and infectious areas (McDonald, 1992). The pharmaceutical products of Wyeth have prolonged patent lives. The company has great power in the consumer health market and S-26 GOLD BABY FORMULA 900g is one of its products in this line. S-26 GOLD BABY FORMULA 900g is a nutritional product for infants.

S-26 GOLD BABY FORMULA 900g targets various segments of children. S-26 GOLD ALPHA PRO targets newly born babies to six-month babies. This formulation is blended with advanced protein and beta-globulin to provide babies with whole proteins (Grover & Vriens, 2003). The formulation also has omega 3 which supports the development of the baby’ s brain and the eye. S-26 GOLD ALPHA PRO, in addition, has nucleotides which support the immunity of the baby. The formulation provides infants with a wide range of vitamins and minerals essential for growth.

S-26 GOLD PROGRESS targets babies aged above six months. It provides babies with unique nutrient combinations to address the nutritional requirements of these babies who are growing and developing rapidly. It contains omega 3 and nucleotides which serve the same purpose as those found in S-26 GOLD ALPHA PRO (Allred, et al, 2007). In addition, it has iron which supports the growth of the baby. It also has various vitamins and minerals which support the development and growth of the baby.

S-26 GOLD NEWBORN also targets newly born babies to six months of babies. It has all the nutritional requirements to support growth and development (Davids and Newcomb, 2006). It contains alpha-lactalbumin, omega 3, nucleotides, lutein, vitamins, and minerals. S-26 GOLD TODDLER targets children aged 12 months and above. It provides the child with omega 3, lutein, vitamin A, iron and vitamin D (Allred, et al, 2007). These nutrients support the development of the child’ s brain and eyes, growth, development of strong bones and formation of red blood cells involved in the transport of oxygen.

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