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The paper "S Baggers Restaurant of the Third Dimension" is a good example of a business assignment.   Just like any other restaurant in the world S baggers restaurant has found its uniqueness which is part of improving customer’ s confidence. The restaurant in Nuremberg town in Germany derived different ways of selling in terms of customer service which are unique and different from other restaurants across the world. The guest has invented amazing methods of serving drinks and food to its customers. The hotel is described to be fully automated in the way its services are offered, the number of staff is little as the serving and ordering of food by customers has been replaced into machine work rather than men work as it is believed to be.

The restaurant is said to have about three unique selling points to the customers; among them being placing of orders by customers through the computerised system on the table, another one being delivery of meals through machines and lastly giving customers friendship cards to enable them access other benefits of the restaurant such as the bonus. Technology is seen to be the strongest selling position for the restaurant (Hetzke 2013).

Technology for s baggers has been the largest support point that leads to it being seen as the best restaurant with the best services in Germany and the rest of the world. The customers of the restaurant also enjoy quality service as they don’ t have to wait for long before the food is served, in respect the restaurant enjoys a reduction in the cost of service as they do not have to employ many people to serve.

The restaurant has the patent for the ownership of the technology system which helps it to have a great advantage over other restaurants. Through the loyalty bonus scheme offered by the restaurant to its customers, there exist great liking and strong ties between the restaurant and the customers. The restaurant has enjoyed minimum time wastage for the customers as there are no cues for food, customers are able to get relevant information concerning the management, the type of food and drinks served and the supplier on a touch of a screen rather than asking from someone. Question 2; SWOT Analysis for S Bagger Restaurant Based on the report by given the S baggers restaurant manager, technology has made them strong.

The restaurant has been seen to enjoy a robust customer base following its great services supported by the improved technology (Grant 2016). The restaurant has about 1500 customers subscribed to its services, according to the manager, it is not easy to get a table especially in the evening unless for early reservations. This part of the paper aims to analyse the factors that surround the restaurant both internally and external.

This is done through the SWOT analysis which is the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Strengths The rapid growth of technology has led to the improvement of the way work is done in every field. In Germany, there has been an increase in competition for the restaurant serving fast food services making it a challenge for the business people to strategize ways of getting enough customers. S Bagger restaurant in Nuremberg Germany has seen its technique of getting customers lead to improvised technology to handle some services.

The restaurant has come up with a machine of delivering customers order directly to where they are, the customer also orders via the touch on the screen on the table which contains the entire restaurant’ s information. This has reduced the cost labour for the restaurant at the same time reduced the customer’ s time wastage in cuing to be served. The restaurant has managed to increase its customer base and confidence due to the best services being offered. According to the press in Germany, the restaurant has been identified as being the first to be automated in Germany and in most cases in the world which gives it credit and good image to the world.

Through its loyalty card, the hotel has increased its relationship with a customer which is a strong business concept. The pricing of the food for s bagger restaurant favourable to people drawing customers to come in large numbers especially in the evening, the quality of food offered is also great for the customers.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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