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Executive SummaryThis report presents the sponsorship proposal for Bendigo Spirit Basketball Club (BSBC) which plays in Women’s National Basketball League. BSBC is located in Bendigo. The report presents a sponsorship plan for Bendigo stadium and covers on different aspect like the property which will be used, the target market, the promotional plan which will be used, the different benefits which the sponsor will get, the financial aspect, the marketing plan for the property and different assets and inventory that they will have. This will thereby help the sponsors to understand their gain and the manner in which this will help to contribute towards improving awareness and improve their popularity and develop their brand image.

Cover Letter24th May 2015Mr. Barclay BellManaging DirectorARP Australia Pty LimitedDear Mr. Bell, I am writing this letter to invite you for the sponsorship of Bendigo Spirit Basketball Club by highlighting the different aspect and facets of the club and the game. Bendigo Spirit Basketball Club is a part of WNBL club and was the 9th member as it entered into the league in 2007/08 season. The stadium which Bendigo Spirit Basketball Club is Bendigo stadium and it has a capacity of 3,000 spectators.

Since, you are provider and manufacturer of different baseball equipments sponsoring the team will help to develop the brand image and will provide an opportunity to attract and retain different type of customers. Bendigo Spirit Basketball Club which is located in Bendigo has a community which favours basketball. Strong media and having a club which is part of WBNL has enabled basketball to earn a good reputation. Sponsoring the event and being associated with Bendigo Spirit Basketball Club will help you to place yourself in the market and will help to meet the different marketing needs.

The different activities and areas of focus would beObjective: To win the WNBL competition as it would improve the brand image of the club and also add towards improving awareness for its sponsors. Being a part of WNBL since 2007/08 provides an opportunity to cater a huge market as the population is about 71,000 and people have a strong preference towards basketballStrong community and media presence will help to cover the event properly and will provide useful inputs and will add towards improving the overall brand image of the sponsorWe look to have a win-win partnership for both the club and its partners so that mutual cooperation results in better performance.

This opportunity will help to increase your chances of being successful and will provide a ready platform form where you can look to carry out your marketing activities in a better way. I have thereby included the brochure which contains all the details regarding the sponsorship, the manner in which the club looks to promote activities and the different dimensions which will help you to grow and improve your business. I look forward to a positive reply from you so that we can further work on the proposal details and enter into a long term contract.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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