Essays on Safaricom's Marketing Audit - Current Environment and Operation, SWOT and PEST Analysis, Stakeholder Matrix Case Study

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The paper “ Safaricom's Marketing Audit - Current Environment and Operation, SWOT and PEST Analysis, Stakeholder Matrix" is an intriguing example of a case study on marketing. The market  assessment is an important activity in realizing business opportunities. There are several untapped opportunities in the market that can be of great positive impact on relevant business organization. Besides, there are also various factors that limit organizations from realizing these opportunities. A market audit is a structured review of business marketing activities (Ross 1991). Through a market audit, the organization keeps track of its activities to realize if the set goals are being met.

This further shows how the business is affected by internal as well as external factors. As such, the marketing department is put on alert, thus helping the company in risk preparedness. Below is a market review of Safaricom Company. Organizational ObjectiveSafaricom is a company in Kenya. It is a company that exists to offer mobile services to its customers (Ross 1991). Among the services offered include communication services, money transfer services and availing internet services to its customers. As a mobile provider in Kenya, Safaricom is actually the most successful company.

It has one of the best marketing programs that have seen it maintain its position in the value chain. Another factor that has advantaged the company is its centralized position. It is positioned in the country’ s capital that is fairly centralized. It is easier to operate from a centralized position as compared to other places. The company has a marketing program that has performed so well in expanding its business. The program emphasizes more on advertising the company.

This is seen in its involvement in various activities in the society. It also runs a number of commercial advertisements on local media houses (Stern & El-Ansary 1992). Its extensive involvement in activities in the society has won the company a good reputation that has transferred into a wide customer base. Current environment and operationIt is very important to consider the working environment when determining the position of a business. This is one area that was put into consideration when determining the position of the Safaricom Company (Dan 2009). As stated earlier, the company is a contrary position in the country’ s capital.

This position assured the company easy access to vital business aspects. The organization’ s marketing environment is made up of various aspects of a business. These include; internal and external environment, the micro-environment and the macro-environment. Internal environmentThe internal environment comprises various aspects such as employees, office technology, wages, and finance SWOT. An analysis of the company’ s internal environment shows various marketing processes of the company. The company has a net staff of about 3,000 employees with a higher concentration in the company’ s headquarters in the country’ s capital.

Its employees are professional qualified personnel from the local learning institutions (Hamel 2000). This hiring of professional expertise has won the company a wide customer base due to the high quality of their output (Dash & Andrew 2008). Customers have gained trust with the mobile network provider as their services are to standards due to the influence of its high ranking staff. The company is also under the leadership of a high ranking C. E.O. who is of American origin with experience in managing and directing a firm.

With the experience and adequate education, he has instilled a positive influence on the company. Similarly, he has guided the company through innovative programs that have further improved the position of the value chain.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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