Essays on Safety And Health For Golf Cart Assignment

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Design of a Specialized Portable Golf VehicleHealth and SafetyHealth and safety issues and constraintsA golf cart transports golfers together with their equipment in the time of play. Since its design will be meeting the needs of the golfer, the specialized vehicle should have certain specialized health, safety and comfort features. The golf vehicle will have to be built low to the ground so that its center of gravity can be lowered (Gov. uk. 2013). This will help to protect the person inside from falling off when driving over a terrain that is not even.

The specialized vehicle should have a portable battery charger. The vehicle should have a cup and ball holder and plastic enclosures which will be used for zipping up whenever there is rain. It will also need to have racks for holding bags, sun canopies, trap rakes and sweaters. To avoid cases of fire and to improve cleanliness levels the dash board should have cigarette lighters and ashtrays. In the last few years the number of accidents and injuries related to golf carts has gone up. Most of the injuries are on soft tissue such as bruises and fractures.

Serious injuries also occur such as internal injuries, concussions, injury of the spinal cord, hematoma and acute respiratory attacks. More serious injuries result in fatalities and permanent disability. Causes of injuries include overturning, jumping and falling from a golf vehicle while at high speed, collision with objects and other vehicles and getting into or off a cart (Gov. uk. 2013). The most common type of injury comes from falls or jumping from the golf cart. The cart will therefore be designed in a manner that the person cannot fall or be ejected.

When a golf cart moves at a speed of 18 km/h it can very easily eject the person inside whenever it negotiates a turn. The golf cart should not have any seats facing behind because this could be a reason for ejection (Gov. uk. 2013). To enhance its safety levels, the golf cart will need to have brakes on all of its four wheels. This can help to improve its breaking power. It will also be necessary for the golf vehicle to have seat belts.

The seat belt can prove to be very helpful in avoiding ejection of the passenger (Nohr, 2009). Normally, golf vehicle are not designed with seat belts because the passenger gets on and off very often and within very short distances. However, the discomfort of the seat belt must be endured in this case because the issue of safety is of a higher priority. Together with the seat belts, handle bars and side bar restraints should be fixed to enhance safety. The area where the driver sits should not have any protruding knobs that may act as a danger in times of accident.

The interior surface should have additional padding to increase comfort for the occupant. The golf cart should not have engine power that can enable it to run a very high speed. The maximum speed it should go should be about 25km/hr. The vehicle should light meaning it should be portable. The features of the golf vehicle should be friendly to physically impaired people (Gov. uk. 2013). Industrial and Product regulations

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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