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Hazard Substance Management in the Work place. Hazardous substance management involves identification, classification and control of substances that are harmful to the human health. A hazardous substance is that with the potential hazard when used, stored or disposed. Institutions or organizations are required to have hazardous substance management programs that help reduce risks on the employee’s health (Tweedy 2005). This paper will analyze the hazardous management program for Casee Laboratory as well as design a management control system for one hazardous substance, showing how it should be handled, in purchasing, storage, transportation, recording and placarding. Casee Laboratory Hazard Substance Management Program. Casee Laboratory program is a program relating to university students and staff who were to conduct research with the hazardous and dangerous substances.

The purpose of Casee Laboratory program is to record all hazardous, non-hazardous substances and dangerous substances, outlining how to manage them in order to reduce health effects in the workplace and ensure safety instead (Human Resources Unit 2009). This program consists of definitions, its purpose, procedure, training, the roles and responsibilities of each person who is to work in the laboratory, the training required, risk assessment, hazardous substance purchase, labeling, emergency dangerous goods manifest, transportation of the hazardous substances, performance measures, Material Safety Data Sheets, storage, disposal of the hazardous substances, substance register and information on research with bio-hazardous agents/chemicals. Definitions are given about substances considered to be hazardous and dangerous.

The students, lectures and the university staff in the research laboratory were to work with a carcinogenic substance which is defined as that with the ability to cause cancer, teratogenic substances and mutagenic substances. Other definitions include; those of what dangerous goods are, of what a hazard is and what a hazardous substance is.

Below is a summary of Casee Laboratory hazardous substance management program (Human Resources Unit 2009). The program gives information about class labels of the substances, what labels are, risk management and a Material Safety Data Sheet. It also indicates in its introductory part, the responsibilities of the students, the staff, the supervisors and the line managers. The management control system of Casee Laboratory hazardous substance management includes; training of those who were to handle the hazardous substances, rules and guidelines on how to purchase the substances, risk assessment, the use of material data safety sheets for chemicals in use and stored, a register for the substances, an emergency dangerous goods manifest for use by emergency providers, rules that hazardous substances must be labeled, guidelines on storage, disposal and transportation of the substances and abiding by the rules of the university on research with bio-hazardous agents or chemicals (Human Resources Unit 2009). Analysis of Casee Laboratory Hazardous Substance ManagementA hazardous substance management program should be able to identify and classify the hazardous substances and have a control system for such substances (Safety Science in Practice Mod. 3).

Casee Laboratory’s hazardous substance management program is according to what the program should be. It has identified the hazardous substances, has classified them and even developed a control system for the substances. The substance identified as hazardous in the laboratory are classified as teratogenic, carcinogenic and mutagenic (Summers & Smith 2006).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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