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Lecturer Paper Sales and Marketing Plan D&R Technologies Canada which is owned and operated by DG and RD is an Brampton Ontarian based company which is specializing in sales and installation of a Gas Detection and Lightning Systems. There are a number of reasons that the company believes in the detection system. The system brings with it safety value to people within buildings, the economic value of the product and finally its aesthetic value as the fan noise in and outside the garage can affect tenants and visitors comfort. The detection system is also instrumental in reducing energy consumption because the ventilation fans will run when gas is detected and emitted.

From the previous studies the fan operation will be reduced from operating 100% of the (7 days a week, 24 hours per day) to 5% of the time. D&R Technologies offers full service with calibration of all gas monitoring products plus an extended warranty service ensuring that the detection equipment remains in a good operation condition (D&R Technologies Business Plan 2). D&R Technology’s biggest obstacle is on how to carry out a marketing campaign to make the unknown product popular which requires a lot of expenditure.

The company also faces competition from larger and established organizations such as York International and Johnson Controls, Building and Automation Companies and smaller contractors who are similar to D&R Technologies. The target market of D&R Technologies is the property owners of Condominium Corporations who install gas detection systems in their parking garages and mechanical rooms. The reasons for the installation of this gas detection are to comply with municipal law, reduction on energy costs and also to protect occupants and visitors from dangerous gases.

This target market is a niche because there are many reasons including a legal issue that forces the target market to demand the product. Our competitors are either concentrating on Heating and Air Conditioning or on consultancy services (D&R Technologies Business Plan 6). D&R Technologies will be marketed through regional and local specialty in Canada with a coordinating office in Brampton Ontario. Most of D&R Technology’s sales will be specialized in retail specialty throughout the nation.

In addition the firm will expand to online sales by offering customized product which will be via internet only that will indicate a clear difference between internet offering and specialty ship offerings. Eventually we will place internet shops in at some profitable outlets so that our esteemed clients can pick on the right products according to their needs. We will ensure proper monitoring of all these channels to create good relationships and to enhance sales. We will be communicating with our customers in variety of ways.

The company will develop a website which will include the company profile and all the products that the company will be offering with detailed explanation on how they work. We will also create a difference between our products and those of our competitors. We will also do sales promotions and public relations through the retailers that we will be using. We also intend to do a lot of environmental programs to enhance public image and confidence (D&R Technologies Business Plan 6) Marketing Budget Marketing Expenditure Amount %of the total Online 1000 20 Television advertisements 2000 40 Catalogues 100 2 Conventions 500 10 Promotions 200 4 Sales Training 300 6 Magazines 300 6 Business cards 100 2 Discounts and other price incentives -500 10 Total 5000 100 From all angle this is unarguably a viable business because it addresses the market needs with a very clear target market. Works Cited D&R Technologies Canada“ Complete Gas Detection & Lighting Solutions” Business Plan January 28, 2012

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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