Essays on Sale of Clothing Manufactured in U.S.A Research Proposal

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The paper "Sale of Clothing Manufactured in the U. S.A" is an excellent example of a research proposal on marketing. The aim of this report by South Pacific Development (SPD) is to build on the results of previous primary and secondary marketing research in the Australia area for the sale of clothing manufactured in the U. S.A especially, in south-western USA (California). This research will focus on the sale of T-shirts, particularly those of South-Western Surf Range, manufactured by Mojado Brothers. This report will try to identify marketing trends and recommendations of opportunity in these areas for the next five years.

This will include possible areas for high sales and the most popular items for sale.   Marketing Research The information is based on an issue which already defined and it is directly related to the firm decision-making processes regarding new product introduction, diversification, promotion, etc. According to Burns & Bush(2009) Marketing research is a method which interconnects the consumer, client and public to the marketer by means of information; this information is utilized to categorize and classify marketing opportunities and issues; to create, improve and assess marketing actions; to observe marketing performance; and to develop understanding of the entire marketing procedure. It is basically a procedure to conduct research and to test a certain assumption, to find out if it is valid or not. Secondary Data Secondary data collection seems to be a great deal of data about organizations can be found in existing records.

It is also advisable to determine whether you can answer your research question with data previously collected by other researchers. Secondary data consists of two kinds of data quantitative as well as qualitative data and may be utilized in both kinds of research descriptive and explanatory. Many researchers have designed a number of classifications for secondary data.

; Saunders et al (2006) designed 3 types of secondary data: documentary data, survey-based data, those collected from numerous sources. The main advantage of using secondary data in this article is the enormous saving in resources, in particular, authors' time and money, usually it is much less costly to utilize this secondary data than to gather the data by yourself. Consequently, the researchers may be able to have more time to consider all possible hypothetical aims and substantive problems, and subsequently spend more time and effort analyzing and interpreting the data.

Secondly, it can be useful to compare data that have collected with secondary data. This means that can place researchers' own findings within a more general context or triangulate findings. Finally, this secondary data provide a source of data that is both permanent and available in a form that will be checked relatively easily by others. This means that the data and research findings are more open to public scrutiny.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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