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Sales Letter: promotion of a massage Chair Introduction: In most cases, all that massageproducts and services manufacturers try doing is to prove themselves at the expense of the customers. The reality is that, these items never get to dominate the market and end up doing fine under reasonable market standards. However, the search for the best massage chair is over. Getting home from work is shifting from obedience to the natural dictation that “working hours are over and so I have to go home anyway”. Conversely, going home will turn into that long awaited step to allow you forget all worries and challenges of the day.

Imagine walking home to unwind with a luxurious massage, by just sitting in a comfortable chair and with a snap of a finger, anxiety depression, and stress quickly vacate leaving room for relaxation and improved well-being. With this new Massage Chair from company XXX, this belief in the impossible is a reality. Now before you start thinking of reasons why you should not, let me go over some reason why you should – no harm no foul.

Body: Benefits of the Massage Chair from Company XXX Product: This tried and tested massage chair is the answer to your question of “just how high can I jump? ” Firstly, the massage chair is well heat. The heating is comparable to hot stone massage but instead of using hot flat-headed stones, the seat uses heated surfaces to help in relaxing the body muscles. The idea here is to deep muscle and tissue relaxation, reduce stress, depression and worries, improve blood circulation, relieve pain, and endorse well-being and health (University of New Hamshire, 2014).

Without this chair, you are like the person who stops the clock to save time and never realize all the stresses, worries from work reduce your sleep to just a few minutes, and there you are preparing to head to work on new day. Stop asking how this is possible. This impossible is possible because without this chair, you can enjoy the exceptional massages on all limbs, the neck, and back, and the comfort that comes with its lumbar support. While the muscles in the limbs, back, and neck get relaxed, the back pains developed at work and as you commute to or from work are relieved through quality lumbar support that comes with this chair.

With continued use of our massage chair, you will find yourself in a natural period where you are no longer interested in those workmates who want to nitpick the very few negatives the workplace comes with instead of extolling all the positives that comes with a massage chair investment. Never mind about your color, style, fabric, or size preferences because with company XXX, this is our business while you are open to purchase very customizable chairs at affordable prices.

The chairs are also portable and this guarantees that your massage can be from whatever point pleases you in your house. Prices: the prices are not just affordable but are also very flexible. Payment starts with a small deposit of $99 followed by consecutive installments of $99 each month for six months. With the down payment, the chair delivery occurs and within the six months, installment payment done based on your experience. Place: this chair is available at online, and at leading locations like Whoptite, Welko, and Blueman’s Stores.

Conclusion: Having total relaxation is priceless…. Make an appointment with me directly and I will offer you a discount you cannot refuse! Contact me @ 111-111-1111 or mynewchair. com to set up an appointment today. References University of New Hamshire. (2014). Benefits of Massage Therapy. Retrieved from University of New Hamshire: http: //unh. edu/health-services/ohep/massage-therapy/benefits-massage-therapy

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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