Essays on Sales Management Practices at Ryder Case Study

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The paper "Sales Management Practices at Ryder" is a perfect example of a case study on marketing. The success of a salesperson greatly relies on their ability to think strategically about their territory and individual customers (Anderson et. al, 2001). More often than not, this skill is only present in some salespersons and that is what differentiates successful salespersons from the rest. The approaches to personal selling can be classified as; Stimulus-Response Selling Mental States Selling Need Satisfaction Selling Problem Solving Selling In this case, the last approach is relevant since the relationship between Ryder and its clients is based on clients’ needs (Boone, 2012).

So far, the decline in sales is a pointer to the dissatisfaction with the products presently. In order to win them back, the company has to convince them that these issues are now fully taken care of. Sales Management Practices at Ryder Sales management is a crucial part of any big business since to a great extent; it establishes the rapport of the business with the clientele while implementing the marketing tactics that have been settled on by top management (Anderson et al, 2006).

While the written meaning of sales management focuses on the hiring, training, supervision and rewarding of salespersons, in a company like Ryder, the scope is much wider. There are other roles that the sales management function ought to fulfill including customer satisfaction and other organizational goals (Boone, 2012). Clearly, Ryder keeps tabs on its past customers and this is important since most of their customers are big companies; losing one client translates to huge opportunity cost monetarily. Again, in the service industry, referrals are very important and effective in both a positive and negative way.

Losing one client due to a bad reputation could lead to the loss of potential clients (Stranger, 2000). At Ryder, apart from their primary duties, salespersons are also charged with the role of ensuring proper customer relations. Paying a courtesy call to customers in order to find out their thoughts on Ryder’ s services is part of customer relations management (CRM)- a critical concept in businesses today (Smith et al, 2006). This serves to wipe away an image of nonconcern for the customer’ s welfare.

The fact that a sales representative, Jim Harris, was giving a talk at a luncheon to some of Ryder’ s big customers is an indication of the diversity of the sales job at Ryder’ s. This creates more opportunities for networking and building business relationships. The informality of such situations enables friendship building thus cementing the bond that already existed before that (Smith et al 2006). Ryder definitely appreciates the effect of a personal touch when dealing with customers. The instructions to their salespersons, in this case, were explicit- to call on customers.

Personal contact is quite important in ensuring a long term relationship with clients as they feel more appreciated while the salespersons can draw a more sincere reading on the customer’ s perception of the company (Boone, 2012).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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