Essays on Sales management (topic in order instruction) Assignment

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Sales Management Sales management looks at understanding the point of view of the client in a consistent manner. What this means is that the sales representative must comprehend what the client is feeling about the product and/or his visit. The sales representative should take into consideration that he has taken time out from his busy schedule so that he could reach at a buying decision and hence complete the sales process, both for fulfilling his own need or desire and for the sake of the organization which is making the product available for the client in the first place.

Since this is a repeat visit by the client, the sales representative and indeed the organization must understand that the company is taken in nice stead by the client and hence proper respect and value must be shown to this loyal client. It would be fitting to ask him time and again for his desire of buying a product that is close to his wishes, needs and aspirations. This would entail asking him questions which would comprise of the price range, the desired features, the product characteristics and so on and so forth.

A customer’s “no” does not always mean that he would not want to listen further. This is a sign that he is not being given the options from which he could choose from in a better manner. I believe that starting this sentence in this way is asking for trouble. The client might feel offended and displeased with the statement thus made. He could even get up and leave the outlet thus cutting the sales link with the company once and for all.

It would be better to rephrase the statement in a much more polite manner like this: I appreciate your understanding of the product since you took time in making your valuable decision, but sir may I kindly add here that this product could actually meet your desired expectations in the best possible way. This statement could turn a non-client into an instant client and thus open up avenues of further sales with the company. Such a sales representative could easily turn a no-sale into a complete sales package for the company as well as build positive rapport with the client for a long period of time.

It might be possible that the client intends visiting only this particular outlet in the future whenever he has a certain need to fulfill. Thus I would have followed this conversation in the above-mentioned manner with the client and would have given him the appreciation that he so rightly deserves. He has taken out time from his busy schedule and hence the positive reception must be awarded to him. The starting of the conversation holds the key for the ending and the ending is marked with the final sale of the intended product for which the client has involved himself into.

The sales representative should understand that he has to make a deal and not settle any egotistic issue with the client at the end of the day. Optimism and a sense of positivism could actually work wonders for everyone involved. Word Count: 522

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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