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The paper "Sales Planning and Operations" is a great example of a Marketing Assignment. I have been asked to provide a strategy that can be used by Johnson bothers limited to improve the competence of the company in the provision of sales for motor vehicle spare parts and the provision of after-sales services. Thus, I will present the role of the marketing mix and personal selling in ensuring the company remains competitive in its line of activities. During marketing of a product, the marketer has to engage in a number of strategies that ensure the target market is reached and customers have the information about the products or services being sold (Gray, 2007).

Examples of such strategies are personal selling, sales promotion and advertising and application of 4p’ s of marketing to sell a product or service. In addition, during entry into the market, the company needs to develop the right business strategy such as B2B and B2C strategies. The sales team also needs to specialize in their roles so that the overall goal of reaching a maximum number of customers is achieved (Gold, Thorpe and Mumford, 2010).

The companies also need to be aware of any opportunities that exist internationally so that strategies can be used to access these opportunities by applying the relevant strategies of entry. In this paper, various strategies of the sales presentation are investigated with the focus on how companies in the case studies can market their products and services so that consumers are made aware of these products and services and the companies’ competitiveness is improved. Task 1: Johnson Brothers Ltd. Application of marketing mix strategies at the company How personal selling promotes a promotional mix The marketing mix of product, place, price, and promotion can be used by Johnson Brothers to achieve a competitive advantage in the provision of its products and services in a number of ways.

For instance, the company can provide products that are currently in high demand such as motor vehicle spare parts which are highly demanded as well as providing after-sales service to the satisfaction of its customers. The component of place can be applied by Johnson Brothers through establishment of the company in a place where there is a possibility of accessing customers so that customers can have the knowledge of where they can get the products or services.

The company also needs to determine the right distribution channels. The concept of price can be applied by Johnson Brothers through charging customers a reasonable price for the second had vehicles and services based on the quality of the vehicles in the stores of the company (Adcock, 2001). The price should be set so that the company does not charge more than the competitors to ensure customers are attracted to its products and services.

In the component of promotion, Johnson Brothers can determine the locations where and when the marketing messages need to be conveyed to potential consumers of its products and services such as motor vehicle owners and customers who need their vehicles to be repaired. The possibility of reaching customers through the press, TV or billboards should be determined and the best time of promotion should be determined based on the time that customers are likely to be reached. Johnson Brothers also need to establish the manner in which their competitors are carrying out their promotions and whether their strategy will ensure competitiveness over competitors is achieved.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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