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The paper "Competitive Advantage of Remodeling Salon" is a great example of a business assignment. Remodeling salon began its operations two years ago with the one aim of “ returning husbands home” . The initial survey carried out by George Kenneth T. produced an insight that the likelihood of a married man beginning dating was due to a turn-off of their spouse's hairstyles. Remodeling salon rolled its operation with the aim of improving the hair-do of women, to add a new look impression to a woman and help add value to their homes by increasing spouse relationship stability.

According to George, adding value to marital relationships was a way of reducing incidence rates and prevalence rates of sexually transmitted infection“ Remodeling salon was geared towards bringing about a psychological healing and biopsychosocial healing of marital relationships” noted George Kenneth T. On the same note, working women and fresh graduate ladies were not making a positive first impression on their interviews and this contributed significantly to a high turn-down of many qualified women. Background of remodelling salon Many women were suffering from crumbs of their hair being uprooted as they combed it or shampooed it while others suffered thinning of their hair on their scalp.

These groups of women were in distress because they had knowledge that they were losing their hair a factor that reflected in their low self-esteem and decreased self-confidence. Distinct products offered by remodeling salon to her clientele Range of hair products cutting coloring hair extensions Service treatments Waxing Eyelash tinting Eyebrow tinting Body piercing Facials Pedicure Manicure Body tanning Thermal body treatment Holistic treatments Massage Reflexology Aromatherapy Products at the counter of remodeling salon tuckshop Luxury hair products Hair straighteners Skincare products Nail varnishes Products available on order Bridal hairdressing wedding hairdressing Auxiliary Services provided by remodeling salon Psychotherapy Internet browsing and internet chat rooms Hair counseling Nutritional counseling Current research in place

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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