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The remodeling salonOWNER: George Kenneth T. Partners: : Catherine Awour N.: Elizabeth Waititu G.: Florence Kamau W. Year founded: 2006The Brainchild of Remodeling salonRemodeling salon began her operations two years ago with the one aim of “returning husbands home”. The initial survey carried out by George Kenneth T. produced an insight that the likelihood of a married man beginning dating was due to a turn-off of their spouses hairstyles. Remodeling salon rolled its operation with the aim of improving the hair-do of women, to add a new look impression to a woman and help add value to their homes by increasing spouse relationship stability.

According to George, adding value to marital relationships was a way of reducing incidence rates and prevalence rates of sexually transmitted infections. “Remodeling salon was geared towards bringing about a psychological healing and biopsychosocial healing of marital relationships” noted George Kenneth T. On the same note, working women and fresh graduate ladies were not making a positive first impression on their interviews and this contributed significantly to a high turn-down of many qualified women. Background of remodeling salonMany women were suffering from crumbs of their hair being uprooted as they combed it or shampooed it while others suffered thinning of their hair on their scalp.

These groups of women were in distress because they had knowledge that they were loosing their hair a factor that reflected on their low self-esteem and decreased self confidence. Distinct products offered by remodeling salon to her clienteleRange of hair productscuttingcoloringhair extensionsService treatmentsWaxingEyelash tintingEyebrow tintingBody piercingFacialsPedicureManicureBody tanningThermal body treatmentHolistic treatmentsMassageReflexologyAromatherapyProducts at the counter of remodeling salon tuckshopLuxury hair productsHair straightenersSkin care productsNail varnishesProducts available on orderBridal hairdressingwedding hairdressingAuxiliary Services provided by remodeling salonPsychotherapyInternet browsing and internet chat roomsHair counselingNutritional counselingCurrent research in placeRemodeling salon has specialists in who carry out testing and analysis on hair loss and thinning Hair loss and thinningRemodeling salon takes time to analyze specific factors in the client that might have led into thinning and hair loss by qualitatively analyzing if the cause is environmental, genetic, hormonal, medications and making follow up to help the client regain healthy hair.

Remodeling salon outsources client specific hair conditioners, hair food products and hair shampoo that are tailored to meet client’s hair requirements.

Remodeling salon determines medical treatments that predispose hair loss and thinning and provide advice on alternative medications that can manage hair loss and hair thinning effectively. Remodeling salon has nutritional recipes for women who have problems related to hair loss and thinning of hair based on environment conditions of the client and genetic factors. Number of EmployeesPensionable hair dressers: 22Freelance hair dressers: 37Pensionable nail care specialists: 8Freelance nail care specialists: 15Pensionable massage specialist: 9Freelance massage specialists: 33Freelance dermatologists: 18Freelance psychologists: 2Freelance nutritionists: 54Annual revenue2006-2007 USD 1.8 million2007-2008 USD 2.4 million2008-2009USD 2.1 million salon (for Q1 and Q2)Objectives and goals of remodeling salonTo develop a website that will be able to Provide online access to all remodeling salons products and services. make remodeling salon to announce her new products to her client base and be able to reach a wider market onlineWill make e-commerce of remodeling easyWill make it possible for the remodeling salon to launch its new online chat room with its clientsTo be able to attain a potential where remodeling salon will be able to cost-effectively use media as marketing tool including use of newspapers coupons, and flyers and in flight media marketingTo develop affiliation with hospitals and research institutions in order to improve remodeling salon competence in evaluating and investigating skin care and hair care products depending on their sensitivities on both dry, wet oil and mild skins. To have a fully operational nutrition clinic on hair and skin treatment without use of chemical derivatives whether synthetic or natural and be able to attain an organic hair and skin care oriented program that is sensitive to the climate changesTo create a liaison with cosmetic industries in research for long term side effects of over-reliance on different skin care and hair care products. To start advertising through bus wraps and bill boards.

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