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Introduction Protecting a celebrity or sports person may be one of the challenging tasks for the security personnel as it may not only become small and simple but can also be complex to manage. In order to ensure that the required objectives are achieved when protecting a celebrity, it is important to not only identify the different requirements but also require the involvement of different personnel in order to ensure a comprehensive and fool proof security. This is a plan to protect and offer required level of security to local football player with significant international and local fan base and who is also earning heavily due to his associations with different clubs around the world. Who is the protected Person? This security plan is for a local football player who has significant local as well as international fan following.

He is living in the city in a large mansion and has to commute within the city for his day to day work. He also has a small office where his overall brand is managed and his team formulates different strategic alliances with various partners to get him ads and other revenue seeking opportunities. Exposure to Environment Since he is living in the city, he is more likely to be exposed while commuting on the roads, in office, while attending different official and personal meetings and get together.

As such home, offices, training facilities, football ground where he practices, restaurants, official meeting places etc are some of the places where he may get an exposure to the threats. Why protection is needed? There are two reasons as to why the protection is necessary for this person i. e.

the celebrity status and the amount of wealth. Since this person is considered as one of the wealthiest personalities in the town therefore protection is necessary in order to protect the client from unwanted and unexpected threats. Apart from this, the celebrity status is also one of the reasons as to why protection is needed. Any type of harm to a celebrity may result into strong public opinion on the existing law and order situation of the city and State. Possible Threats to the Person Considering the overall situation, threats can be different and based upon the overall risk and threats, following threats can be the real cause of concerns: Kidnapping It is possible that the person may be facing the threat of being kidnapped because of his overall fame and the amount of wealth he possess.

This kidnapping can be for ransom and can also be for other reasons. Physical harm Angry fans as well as rivals may attempt to physically harm the individual and therefore may cause physical damage which may result into hospitalization or permanent disability. Physical harm may also result into injury which can rule out the person from game. Killing &Murder Probably the most serious threat can be the killing and murder of the person due to any reasons including that of the terrorist groups and other criminals of the area. Protection Plan In order to overcome the perceived threats, it is critical to employee at least 3 to 5 individuals who will be responsible for the overall security of the person.

These security personnel will perform different duties including the duty of physically protecting the individual. Team leader will be the person who will be responsible for the overall security of the person including that of planning and executing the security plan.

(Fay, 2011). The advance party will comprise of two individuals who will be travelling to different places in advance and they ensure the security by conducting on-site inspections to assess and identify the risks and also initiate the networking relationships with individuals from other agencies. Advance party will also responsible for the reconnaissance of local travel routes also. The resident party along with the team leader will be responsible for the around the clock protection being offered to the individual.

The resident party will also be performing the tasks of baggage and protective party. The overall means of communication will be electronic through the cell phones and other secured network which cannot be interrupted during the communication. It is important to note that overall duration of exposure will not be more than 1 hour under any circumstances. In case of any emergency, the overall mode of transportation would be the use of secured reserve and extra vehicles which will not be part of the main convoy responsible for protecting the person.

One of the members from resident party would be responsible for this. References Fay, J.J. (2011). Contemporary security management (3rd ed. ). Burlington, MA: Butterworth-Heinemann.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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