Essays on The Advice to Sam Case Study

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The paper "The Advice to Sam " is an outstanding example of a management case study.   Sam must take charge and act as a leader in the team. As a new manager, chances of encountering difficult teams are always high and hence the need for one to have the ability to handle them (Holpp, 1999). He must be able to identify and address any disruptive behaviour, understand the team dynamics and address arising issues with honesty and tact. It seems that Sam lacks adequate awareness of his strengths and weaknesses.

He is unsure of his abilities and lets his past where he was bullied affect his role as a leader. Sam has to work to gain respect from the rest of the team as their leader (Gabarro, 1992). It is advisable for Sam to remain positive and avoid being swept by negativity. The situation he is in should be well managed by being rational. Sam has to believe in himself as a manager. He should assess himself in order to determine how others view him. He may need to have a self-assessment using tools such as 360-degree feedback.

This will make it possible for Sam to know how others view him and where to improve and develop his career as a manager. The honest feedback will help him to see himself from others perspective and accept criticism in a better way. There is need for Sam to use a management approach that is different from the current laidback approach. He is a hands-on manager where he is not detached from the employees’ activities but lacks the required charisma. He is poor in communication which is a major setback.

It is therefore advisable for Sam to be more charismatic and have open communication. Communication is integral to team performance and this is an area where he has to improve on (Gabarro, 1992). In this situation where he has time constraints, it is advisable for Sam to adopt leadership based on autocratic and charismatic. This is the best approach due to limited time but he may later have to change the approach to transformational and charismatic after the project to enhance long term relationship with the employees.

Moreover, he has to have confidence in forming teams and assigning them roles while at the same time dealing with resistance. How to know if the advice to Sam is good The advice can only be good if it can help Sam address his weaknesses. Moreover, the advice should help Sam manage the difficult team for it to be considered good. It is expected to help Sam realise that he has the potential to manage the team. The advice should help Sam address his feeling of inadequacy and enhance his communication with the team members.

He can use the advice to become an effective hands-on manager through taking an active part and providing his teammates with regular feedback (Fulop, Lilley & Linstead, 2004). He will be able to tailor the employee development to the entire success of the project. The advice ineffectiveness will also be seen through success in Sam’ s management. It is important to note that there is no best way to manage since it depends on the context. Based on Sam’ s context, the best way to manage is having the ability to work with this group.

At the moment, it seems that he is incapable of managing the team as he claims that the group was the hardest to work with. His people management skills are poor and an improvement in his management through this advice is an indication of the advice being good.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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