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Essays on Samsung Electronics in the UK Market - SWOT Analysis, Internal Strengths and Weaknesses, External Opportunities and Threats Case Study

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The paper “ Samsung Electronics in the UK Market - SWOT Analysis, Internal Strengths and Weaknesses, External Opportunities and Threats” is a  convincing example of a case study on marketing. Samsung is popularly known as one of the topmost electronic companies in the world. It has overtaken most of the companies in terms of mobile telephone sales and is currently the second-largest mobile telephone seller after the Finnish company, Nokia. In order to understand the success of Samsung, this report details a theoretical framework that analyzes the company’ s strategies for capturing the United Kingdom market.

The report first explores the need for vigorous business presence in the market, internal and external situations as well as their stiff competitors. The second part of the report is solely devoted to analyzing the company’ s emerging strategies. The strategy suggestion is discussed in relation to the business environment and demographic trends of the United Kingdom consumer market. Since mobile telephones came into use, people have been so much thrilled by their easy usability and portability. Mobile telephony has over the past one and a half decades revolutionized communication.

For many years, Samsung Electronics of Korea has been involved in the production of a range of electronic products, notably television sets, music systems and recent past mobile telephones. The company has been outstanding due to the quality of its products that perfectly blends with the current needs of modern consumers in regard to entertainment. The company’ s products such as Galaxy Nexus mobile phones generally come with so many unique features as well as trendy design. The significance of the UK market several brands of high-end mobile telephones has been introduced by Samsung Electronics to capture the growing and lucrative European market.

The market is characterized by consumers who spend well on the state of the art mobile phones that can satisfy their growing needs of having so many applications in a handset. The high-end mobile handsets have been introduced by the company to satisfy the desire of mobile users to have full control and be able to perform quite a number of things. Analysis carried out by the company’ s marketing department showed a majority of consumers were not satisfied with having a mobile handset that cannot take clear pictures, videos as well as chatting; rather, they preferred a handset with many functions that would convenience them.

Most of the people have no problem coughing out more cash to buy the gadgets so long as they satisfy their needs. Since the company started manufacturing such kind of mobile handsets not so long ago, the company has recorded a tremendous increase in sales in the Asian and American markets hence seizing a reasonable proportion of the mobile telephony market from the traditional players such as Nokia and Motorola.

In order to achieve good market expansion and appeal, many unique features have been introduced to the company’ s products especially the 3G telephone brands, which include the Galaxy Nexus. Such phones have a relatively high rate of acceptance as the modern-day person has so many things to perform while walking or traveling. Such in-built accessories have added greater value to the usability and mobility of the company’ s phones. By collaborating with some of the technology companies such as Google, Samsung has been able to produce high-quality products that go well with the consumers.

Samsung Electronics, therefore, provides the consumer with the rare ability to fully use a mobile phone in a unique way more than just traditional communication (Fan 2002, pp 180-192).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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