Essays on Samsung Galaxy S4 Marketing Plan Case Study

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The paper "Samsung Galaxy S4 Marketing Plan" is a perfect example of a case study on marketing. A review of the smartphone market shows Samsung as a market leader with its flagship product Samsung Galaxy S4. In my opinion, although the company’ s sale of high-end smartphones such as Samsung Galaxy S4 seemed to be slowing, the company was not hindered from growing its market share. Current statistics for the second quarter of 2013 shows Samsung as having a global smartphone market share of 52.3 percent (Lee). The report showed that the company made a record $6.9 billion in profit, from $51 billion in revenue, shipping 72.4 million smartphones globally.

Despite the high figures, I believe that since the company’ s market share reduced from the initial 32.2 percent, smaller phone makers such as HTC, Nokia, and LG are fast gaining the market share. At present, Samsungs Galaxy S4 series is its only smartphone that is currently ruling the market. Although this is so, it is in my view a precarious position since Samsung faces stiff competition from rivals Apple (Epstein; Osawa). Indeed, Apple’ s iPhone 5 series and Samsung Galaxy S4 series are presently the market leaders.

Analysis of the market shows that consumers are becoming more demanding and sensitive to pricing. Based on the market trend and the company’ s situation, Samsung should consider making its pricing competitive. Samsung should also focus on product differentiation. Marketing Objectives In regards to the increasing competition and Samsung’ s loss of market share to small players in the market, Samsung should come up with strategies that will enable it to increase its competitiveness and to consolidate its market share (Schnaars 129).

Towards this end, the company will need to operate in an ethical and profitable manner, strengthen its relationship with its customers, suppliers in a bid to drive sales. I propose that Samsun needs to: Revenue objective The company should aim to generate more revenue through sales and advertising techniques. For instance, the company should generate a 5 percent increase in sales in the next 12 months. Objective Costs The company needs to project costs for the Smartphone Galaxy S4. The projected cost included the shipping costs and the distribution costs.

These costs should be tracked and lowered to reduce the price of the phone. Advertising objectives The advertising costs should also be tracked in the next 12 months to find the best possible value for the Samsung Galaxy S4’ s future marketing campaign. Analysis of Samsung’ s report shows that the company has been putting more than $5.3 billion into sales promotion (Schnaars 129-139). For instance, the company needs to focus on online advertising.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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