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Executive Summary With improved technology, the mobile world industry has always been going through rapid changes and expansion and is currently serving over 4.5 million people across the globe. The increase in need of communication and the need to define class has seen people wanting to own gadgets that are of high-end technology. This is also in line with the fact that mobile phones and other related devices are nowadays becoming increasing used for business, communication, and entertainment purposes. The industry grew rapidly after Motorola Company first developed a mobile phone device that would successfully pick signals and work efficiently outside a vehicle in 1973.

Later on in 1979, Japan launched its first countrywide mobile phone network before United States followed suit later in 1983. Since then, players in the mobile phone industry engaged in serious marketing strategies, expanded their production to other devices like televisions and cameras, and developed new technologies to always come up with products of high quality and more enhanced features. This is for the intend of controlling more market share. Globally, Samsung and Apple Inc.

are among the largest world players in the electronic industry. Although Nokia and Motorola are major partners in the mobile industry, Samsung and Apple companies produce products that touch across several industries and therefore would be impossible to analyze them with Nokia and Motorola, which only major in mobile phone industry. This analysis will focus comparison of strategic marketing of Samsung and Apple with more concern to the former. This research involves the analysis of external environmental factors that affect the attractiveness of the industry, competitive strategy, rationale for global development, and expansion. Introduction to CompaniesSamsung Company boasts of being among the world leaders in the production and distribution of consumer electronics and is among various household names across the globe.

The company was founded in 1939 as a family business name and been run as a family business since then. Although its management is based on family, its management has been successful and is a good definition of the business landscape across the globe. Although its headquarters is based in Seoul, the company has business stores and outlets in over 100 countries across the world.

The company also forms the largest group of conglomerate group of companies in the world, contributing approximately 20% of South Korea’s exports (Hovers, 2006). Likewise, on the other hand, Apple is also among the most successful corporations in the world that focuses on the design and manufacture of household electronics. In addition, of all its products for instance, the most successful product for Apple is the iPod, which sold over 170 million products within 7 years (Jeffrey et al, 2005). After its foundation in 1976 by Steve Jobs and others, has undergone various changes that have seen the company now boast of being the world’s second largest IT company after Samsung and the world’s third largest mobile phone supplier after Samsung and Nokia respectively.

The success of Apple is attributed to its consistency and effectiveness of its marketing strategy (Jeffrey et al, 2005). However, Samsung has developed serious and effective marketing strategies that see more successful than Apple.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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