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The paper “ The Relationship Between Quality of Service Given and Customer” is an excellent example of the research paper on marketing. In the modern world, service quality is receiving high attention owing to its relationship with costs, the level of financial performance where the customers will be satisfied, and the retention of customers. Depending on the circumstance of application quality will have different meanings. A number of scholars have given different definitions to the word quality with Deming (1982) defining it simply as being predictability; fitness of use was the definition is given by Crosby(1984) while (Feigenbaum, 1945) definition that quality was the opinion given by the customer. The definition of quality has its roots in the manufacturing sector, but there was a clear foundation on the definition and quantification of service quality in the 1980s championed by Grö nroos, (2000) and Parasuraman et al.

(1985) who were among the pioneers in the defining and development of service quality. It has been observed that defining service quality is much more challenging in comparison to product quality definition. This comes about as a result of service being associated with features that are considered to be unique including inseparability, heterogeneity, and intangibility (Chang and Yeh, 2002).

Faced with the challenge of overcoming the limitation, Parasuraman was able to define quality in satisfactorily by giving a definition that was highly compressive. In the research field, there are numerous definitions that have been given for service quality with Mensah (2010) pointing out that functional and technical quality are components that are to be incorporated in the definition. Technical quality is what is provided by the provider of service in the course of the provision of the service while functional quality refers to the manner in which the service is provided by service provider employees.

According to Parasuraman et al. ( 1988), service quality is the difference between what the customer expects and what the customer perceives to be the actual service being provided. Service quality is the extent of customer satisfaction relative to their expectation with the services provided to them (Kotler, 2012).


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