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The paper "Security Foundations" is a good example of a Management assignment.   The security docket is considered to be one of the fast-growing sectors across a section of other industries in the world. For instance, in the United States of America, the security sector commands a substantial proportion of the overall economy (ASIS Foundation, n.d).   However, despite the enormous size of the security market across the globe, there have not been effective regulations and guidelines in the set of competencies, skills as well as roles and responsibilities of the concerned workforce.

Following this line of argument, this paper examines two job postings in order to ascertain whether or not there exist differences in the way competencies and skills are presented. Annotated Bibliography Security Sector Reform Officer, P4 The position falls under a low-level or junior position because the SSR officers are required to report to the head of the SSR unit or to a subsequent senior official that is deemed responsible for all SSR operations. The SSR officers will be working in different United Nations fields that are concerned with peacekeeping operations as well as other special political missions. Precinct Security Manager The position falls under the management level of an organization’ s operations and reports directly to the principal.

The manager ensures the execution of services related to administration of the security management plan, coordination of both internal and external activities. Subsequently, he/she has the overall responsibility for maintaining fairly cohesive management as well as engages in the evaluation of numerous security-related activities that might include; security, safety, and parking. Assistant Security Advisor(CSIRO) The main duties of the assistant Security adviser at CSIRO will entail: uncommon exposure to various government security wing; capitalize in protecting CSIRO‘ s intellectual property and interests plus advising the CSIRO staff on all issues to do with technical security (except ICT).

Other responsibilities include communications between the organization and external organization on security issues, carry out security briefings within the firm;   offer professional counsel and analysis on security matters within the organization.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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