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Response Paper of Learning Response Paper I did like this article, because it focuses on the problem of seriously ill people. The author considers extremely important issue, namely the issue of futile treatment. Futile treatment is understood as a treatment that is not effective for the patient and as a result, the patient is forced to experience excruciating pain. In fact, futile treatment is often associated with moral dilemmas. Despite the constant development of modern science, medicine still cannot offer an effective treatment for all human diseases. Many patients have to experience serious suffering for the simple reason that the medicine cannot give them an effective treatment able to stop their suffering.

In this regard, not only medical staff but also family members of the patient are faced with a serious dilemma. They have to decide whether it makes sense to continue the senseless treatment while their relative is experiencing terrible suffering and asks to save him/her from them. The situation is extremely difficult and painful. The relatives of the patient have to give him/her the opportunity to die in peace while it suggests a hasty farewell with the loved one.

The value of this amazing article is that it draws attention to the psychological complexity of the situation. The author emphasizes the special role of medical students who should provide psychological assistance to both the patient and his/her relatives. This task is extremely important because a medical student is the mediator between the two sides and he/she should help both sides reach an agreement. In this regard, the work of medical students is very stressful. ReferencesLi, M. (2012). Dealing with futile treatment: A medical students perspective.

Australian Medical Student Journal, 3(2), 58-60.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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