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Executive SummaryOrganizations are enthusiastic about the adoption of highly affordable and reliable central IT services which reduces activity redundancy and increase organizational innovation. There are particularly special interests in the service that are desired according to the organization functions. Universally, wireless, mobile and cross-platform supporting services are considered useful for a vast organization. These IT Services features are integrated for UAE mall to serve the customers and workers better. Through these services, the mall reputation will be enhanced. The new services are meant to increase the traffic for all the service users.

Consequently, this will improve the mall profitability. Responding to both individual’s and the mall as whole needs is critical for a new services. This will enable the incorporation of roles in mall leadership, management, data storage, training and cost containment. IT reorganization and development is unavoidable need in the organization working and customer services. The mall IT development is promoted by both positive and negative lessons learnt in the past through the use of available IT services. Secondly, there are important features that currently excite both the workers and customers which need to be integrated to move forward.

Thirdly, the developed fill the gap that exist by coming up with services that are prerequisite for the current unit. The development will address the holistic services to respond to help and user support, communication, data storage, cross-platform support, enhanced security and innovation. The mall IT services will then be client-focused, with transparent culture to supports collaboration and innovation. 1.0 Service Strategy1.1 Market Identification The mall is an upscale mall, located in a large city and the clientele have very high expectations. The urban location brings in senior executives and this mall is popular and stopping choice for shoppers.

The standard of the mall is comparable to only two other malls in the vicinity. The mall is prestigious and the customer lists includes well known personalities from entertainment, sports and administration. It operates near capacity during weekends, holidays and when major events are held in the city. The current IT service was introduced for the convenience of mall workers who manages the inventories, the customers wholesale buyers dispersed in other towns and daily shoppers.

The IT provides the control issues, stock supply management and restocking. However, with increased demand for effective and efficient IT services in business operations, new IT service is a prerequisite for the mall. A cutting-edge networking IT system will significantly improve efficiency and effectiveness of help, support and services I the mall. This is by connecting the shelves with the central control unit at customer service bench, IT managers’ bench, directors of different stock and services managers. Linking the different locations of the mall will be improved by wireless technology.

The IT service will particularly sense the items removed from the shelves and then relay the information through a meshed network to inventory directors. This will automatically be updated to different points dealing with both internal and external services. This will meet customers’ expectations through real time tracking and location of products, reduce the redundancy of stocking and directing activities and promote updates for wholesale buyers (Mathieu, 2001).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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