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The paper "The New Public Management" is a great example of an assignment on management. The public  sector entails offering governmental services such as water, supply, electricity, public roads among others. The services offered to the citizens are mainly financed by the people themselves through taxation. The main aim of the government to be involved in the service provided to the citizens is sole to serve the citizens but not to make profits (Pollitt, 2003). Some of the services that the government offers to the citizens can include health services, security, education services among others to ensure that the citizens’ welfare is guaranteed.

Besides, it is the role of the public sector to ensure that the infrastructure and communication network can be in a position to support businesses. The public sector comprises firms that are managed by the government with the aim of meeting the needs of the citizens. The government can engage in business to offer services that cannot be offered by the private sector. The services that cannot be left in the hands of the private sector such as security and provision of services that need high capital (Colebatch, 1993).

Besides, the government ensures that the public sector controls the operations of the market to make sure that the citizens are not exploited in the process of acquiring the necessary services. For instance, the services that entail a lot of risks can only be ventured by the government with the aim of offering the basic services to the citizens. 1.2 The role of the public sector is to provide the necessary public services through the most effective and efficient ways. The government has to ensure that the service provisos to the citizens are done in the most effective ways through efficient utilization of the resources.

The collection and use of public funds need to be transparent to ensure that there is accountability in the utilization of public funds (Pollitt, 2003). This can be achieved through ensuring proper control systems that can ensure that the officers who are responsible for public funds utilization are held responsible for issues of funds.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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