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The paper "Ethics as a Contemporary International Business Issue" is an outstanding example of a business essay. Ethics is usually found in almost all aspects of human activity, and people are typically concerned about the quality of behavior they portray to those around them. Ethics has been an essential part of the economic environment in this century. At present, pressure groups and consumers seem to be on the front line in demanding that organizations seek more ethical as well as ecologically sounder ways of conducting business. The media also seems to be playing an essential role in highlighting corporate malpractices and abuses.

Even organizations have realized that being ethical may be good for their business. Based on these, ethics has become an integrated part of the contemporary business environment. Business ethics is termed as the study of a business situation, decision and activities where issues that are right and wrong are addressed (Marcoux 2009). Based on the above definition, business ethics is the spectrum of interaction between individuals, firms, society as well as the state. Business ethics is not an optional accessory when conducting business nor is it a mere eagerness of moralists and philosophers; it entails how people do business from the basest deception to the highest levels of excellence. Discussion Ethics as a contemporary international business issue A great number of ethical dilemmas and issues in international business are mainly entrenched on the fact that laws, political systems, culture and economic development vary considerably from one country to another.

As a result, what is considered as being a normal practice in one country is at times considered unethical in another country.

Leaders work for an institution that surpasses national cultures and borders, they need to be particularly sensitive about the various differences that exist and be able to choose the most appropriate in those circumstances when differences across the different cultures create the impending for ethical problems (Boddy, Ladyshewsky & Galvin 2010).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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