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The paper "Analysis of France and Phoenix Insurance Company" is a brilliant example of a term paper on marketing. France is one of the European Union countries. It is located in the Western part of Europe. It has several overseas territories as well as regions. It is the largest country in entire Western Europe. It is also the third-largest country in the continent of Europe. This is a country known to be a major power with highly strong military, cultural, political as well as an economic influence within Europe as well as in the world.

In the whole world, France comes second as an exclusive economic zone. This assignment conducts a social, legal, economic, political, technological, infrastructure as well as a competitive analysis of France. The second section indicates the barriers as well as opportunities that one can identify for the U. K or Irish company. Analysis of France France’ s culture, as well as that of the French, is shaped mainly by geography, foreign forces, internal forces as well as historical events. France is the center of decorative arts and high culture.

This is from the 17th century. First, it was in Europe and by the 19th century, it was in the entire world. France has played a highly significant role in cuisine, cinema, and fashion. The main significance of the culture and social life in France has over the years been waned and waxed. This depends on its military, political as well as economic importance. French culture currently is characterized by its great role in both the socioeconomic as well as regional differences. It is also characterized by its muscular unifying tendencies (Larsen 1997). In terms of technology, France has greatly developed.

France is the world’ s main exporter of highly advanced technologies’ nuclear technology. As a result of technology, France has come up with a developed commercial plant used in disposing of radioactive wastes. This is done by integrating the wastes in a special glass and then, later on, they are encased in a stainless glass for burial. France has several colleges and universities. They offer courses in applied and basic sciences. There is a national center for scientific research. It is also known as CNRS and it was opened in 1939.

This center is in control of over 1,370 laboratories as well as research centers that deal with improvising new technologies every other time. During the year 1996, CNRS employed 19,392 engineers as well as researchers. It also employed 7,263 administrative staff as well as technicians. There were over 150 technological as well as scientific academies, research institutes as well as learned societies (Larsen 1997). An analysis of France’ s economy is also important. The French economy is currently for the third time on a row in a steep recession.

Things like household consumption, fixed investment as well as net exports dragged on the country’ s GDP a lot. The outcome was worse than it was expected. An analysis was conducted by the Bloomberg market as well as Moody’ s Analytics and the consensus showed that there was a steep recession on the country’ s economy.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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