Essays on Leadership Styles of Microsoft Corporation and Dell Case Study

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The paper "Leadership Styles of Microsoft Corporation and Dell" is a great example of a case study on management. This paper is on leadership. It intends to learn from the leadership styles of Bill Gates and Michael Dell – the founders and leaders of Microsoft Corporation and Dell, Inc. , the two top ICT companies in the world. Concise information on who these leaders are and on their companies is provided. Succinct discussion on their leadership styles is then made. Finally, common threads of ideas on leadership from the two great leaders in the computing industry are brought to the fore.

Gates and Dell have borne witness to an aspect of leadership that is relative to bringing about and managing or sustaining change. Leaders – they also have shown – are capable of foreseeing what is to come. Likewise, they are confident of themselves but are never limited to attending only to their personal interest. Introduction This paper is about leadership styles by two renowned CEOs of the two most respected ICT companies in the world. William H. Gates of the Microsoft Corporation and Michael S.

Dell of Dell, Inc. are phenomenal in themselves. They are computer geniuses, managers par excellence, and leaders in their own right. As they provide the world with breakthroughs in the industry of computing and manage “ hands-on” their global companies, they exude the confidence and manifest the resilience that leaders possess. For sure, they have a lot to offer to the present as well as the up-and-coming generation on the subject matter of leadership. The task of this paper is to analyze the management and leadership styles of Gates and Dell.

It is going to detail the strong points and weak points of each leadership’ s ways of exercising their leadership role, particularly over their respective companies. To accomplish this end, these two leaders as well as their companies will be briefly introduced. Then, their overriding leadership styles will be discussed and their impact on today’ s business practice would be ascertained. A critical analysis of their styles by way of juxtaposing their respective approaches to leadership will be made. Finally, this process ends by bringing to the fore significant common threads of ideas on leading and leadership that may be culled from Gates and Dell.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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