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The paper "Human Resource: Selection Methods" is a great example of an essay on human resources. In Human Resource, selection techniques vary often and are predominantly based on the organization’ s staff and resources. The selection method that is chosen will influence the kind of employees hired in an organization and consequently the level of productivity of the company. This paper seeks to explain the meaning of quotes by Michael Armstrong and Cary Cooper on selection methods by scholars. Cary Cooper in his Journal, How Well-being Can Help HR regain its Influence admits that “ Every profession is inclined to self-examination, and provided it is not rendered a distraction from the daily routines, it is of importance” .

A lot can be understood from this quote. According to Cooper, self-examination is important in Human Resource. There is a great need for employees to evaluate themselves and this should be aimed at increasing their productivity or bettering it. The examination should at no case reduce the attention of the worker from the job intended. In his book, the Reality of Strategic Human Resource Management, Armstrong (1994) posits, “ Human Resource strategies should be congruent with the context and the circumstances of the organization” .

According to him, organizations are different. The distinctions apply to the way they operate and the kind of human resource they require. Thus, a company is advised not to emulate the same human resource strategies practiced by a different company. A further explanation is that the strategies must be in coherence with the circumstance within that organization. Ipso facto, the strategies for selecting a doctor is different from the ones for selecting an accountant since they are of different contexts.

This ensures that the enterprise hires the best personnel.  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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