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SELF-ASSESSMENT goes here] [Your goes here] [Due the paper] Self-Assessment Answer a Following are three most accurate assessment areas: 1. Answer I. D.1 36 (Postpone things and experience frustration) It seems to be true because I often postpone things until the tie reaches when I have to do things in order to avoid critical situations. 2. Answer I. A.3 126 (A+ personality type) This seems to be true because I often rely on speed instead of creativity and doing things in an innovative manner. Moreover, I often focus quantity of quality of things. 3. Answer II. C.5 10 (Collaborating) My conflict-handling style is collaborating.

It seems true because in any conflict, I take care of the concerns of both parties, not just me or the other one. Answer 1 (b): Following are three least accurate assessment areas: 1. Answer III. A.1 55 (No clear preference) It seems to be untrue because I have a clear preference about the organizational structure. I have set my mind about the type of organization I want to work. Answer I. E.1 34 (Moderate EI) It seems to be untrue because I am a highly emotionally intelligent person and do not take things lightly which have a direct connection with my emotions and feelings. Answer II. B.6 88 (Second quartile) I should have been in the first quartile because I believe that I am very good at building and managing teams.

I have been the team leader at school and college level and know the requirements of managing teams. Answer 2: 1. Collaborative conflict-handling style: It is one of my greatest strength. Whenever I get myself into conflicts with a peer at school, I try to find such a decision which should benefit both of us. 2. Conscientiousness Conscientiousness is my another greatest strength. I am a responsible and a goal-oriented individual.

In school, although I used to do my homework on the last day of deadline, but I never missed the deadline and met all my goals in a timely manner. Answer 3: Based on the results, the area in which I am not as strong as I should be is my decision-making ability. Part a: I think I should learn the ability to make correct decisions at the right time. I should strengthen my ability by putting myself in critical conditions where quick and correct decision-making should be required. Part b: I would change the behavior of postponing things till the last time in order o improve my decision-making ability.

Postponing things often put me in frustration and trouble. Therefore, I would change this habit of mine. Part c: There is no negative consequence of making such change. However, positive consequences would be my improved ability to make decisions, improved time management skills, and improved life style. Answer 4: The results do not completely confirm my career aspirations. I want to be successful in my professional career. I want to do job in such an organization where I can have promotion opportunities and where I can show my skills to reach organizational goals.

The results that I have received say that I have no clear preference of organizational structure and that I am not very skilled in building and managing teams. I do not think these results support my aspirations because I have a clear mind about the organizational structure. Moreover, I am very good at managing teams. Answer 5: I think the assessment was true but not completely true. Although it was successful in revealing some good points of mine, but it did not figure out the bad points about my personality.

It judged me from different angles but was unable to highlight some core aspects of my personality, such as, religious touch, confidence, honesty, and work approach. However, my experience with this assessment was fine as it helped me become aware of some of my deficiency areas.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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