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The paper “ The Role of Self-Leadership among the Employees” is a motivating variant of essay on human resources. Currently, the organizations are being faced with many challenges emanating from the increased levels of competition. As a result, they are diversifying their operations in order to reduce risks and uncertainties associated with concentrating on a single market. Moreover, the increasing level of globalization resulting from the liberalization of markets, efficient flow of information, and integration of economies, has led to the entry of multinational companies in the local market. Therefore, for the local businesses to remain competitive, they must come up with effective strategies to retain their segment of the market.

Many of these businesses have opted to mechanize their operations. However, others have retrenched their employees in order to reduce operational costs. Nevertheless, these challenges can be resolved by instilling the virtue of self-leadership among the employees. This paper will discuss how self-leadership can be used to replace the current external leadership. Self-leadership entails the setting up of personal goals, understanding the strategies and procedures to be used in order to reach the goals, and having internal motivation without depending on external supervision in order to achieve a specific task.

Currently, the organization is encouraging innovation in order to remain competitive in the market. However, many of the employees who have the capacity to come up with innovative ideas are held up by a lack of freedom to express or explain the ideas to the top management (Neck & Manz 2007). For instance, the majority of the major innovators who have made a major difference in the world quitted their formal employment in order to pursue their innovative desire.

In the example, Apple Inc company founder Steve Jobs had to quit his job in order to become more innovative without limitation from external managers. Through persistence and numerous tests, he designed a computer that has revolutionized the mode of communication in the world. Self-leadership among the employees is crucial in giving the employees the ability to make crucial and very difficult decisions without the influence of external supervisors. Currently, organizations have become dynamic. As a result, they are being faced with varying challenges that require instant solutions.

Many of the businesses have increased their operations. As a result, the top managers are dealing with various subsidiaries, some of which are located in different parts of the world. Therefore, it’ s impossible for them to make instant decisions. This is because some of them require local experience (Jones & George 2013). Hence, self-leadership by the employees is important in the delegation of authority, an aspect that gives the subordinates an opportunity to make positive decisions that influence the performance of the organization. The performance of many organizations is being curtailed by constant conflicts.

Currently, many firms are employing employees emanating from different races, tribes, and gender. This is to enable businesses to deal with diversified challenges. However, this strategy has become a challenge because these employees have different ways of conducting their affairs. As a result, there are constant conflicts that are negatively affecting the overall unity of the employees. The self-leadership concept can close this gap by giving the employees the authority to manage the organization. As a result, the employees would be ready to ensure that any outstanding issue that might affect the stability of the business is dealt with before it gets out of hand (Lewis, Goodman & Fandt 2004).

This aspect would be significant in enabling all employees to focus their attention on internal and external factors that might threaten the competitive advantage of the organization.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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