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The paper "Time Management and Stress Management" is a great example of a management essay.   Time management is a critical skill in the study and career life. Time is a scarce resource that is never recoverable when lost. It is therefore important for human beings to economically manage time well so that maximum results can be reaped from the limited time available. It is almost impossible for anybody to succeed in their careers if they are not good time managers (Harvard Business School 5). Stress management on the other hand is vital in achieving optimum productivity at work and also in life.

The ability to manage stress should therefore be of prime importance for organizations and individuals (Kottler and Chen 8,10). It is in the understanding of this importance that I have prepared this paper to highlight how I intend to develop an understanding of the best ways to managing yourself as a practicing or potential team or cell leader. This paper will be structured into two main parts; part one will discuss how I will effectively manage personal time to achieve team goals while part two will discuss how I will manage my own stress.

This will be achieved through the respective headings and appropriate subheadings Personal time management My strengths in time management From my personal reflection about time management, I think I have scored above average although my time management cannot be said to be way too excellent. However, I have been very effective in beating work deadlines. One of my best time management practices is to record my tasks in my to-do-list. From there I go on to decide when to work on a certain task.

However most of the time I find myself working on a task when I have little time left. I, therefore, find myself working under pressure to deliver on a task whose deadline is a few hours away. Even though I seem to work best under such kind of pressure, I believe the quality of work is compromised as I don't mind about the quality but rather beating the approaching deadline.

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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