Essays on Crisis Communication Assignment

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The paper "Crisis Communication " is an outstanding example of a management assignment.   For this task, I selected the speech analysis template developed by Dlugan (2008). Initially, I researched several books on speech analysis in an effort to find the best template to analyze the speeches. However, the online article by Dlugan (2008) provided the best template to analyze my speeches. Since I already had the template to analyze the speeches, my next step was finding two speeches to analyze. I selected a speech by the US president Barrack Obama as he is one of the best-known orators in the world.

The next speech I analyzed was made by Lt. Lt. General David Morrison on soldier’ s misconduct. Before analyzing the speech using the template, I read through the speeches carefully several times identifying various features of the speech I would use in my analysis. Finally, I wrote down the main idea of each speech in the template, the major points made to support the main idea, the speech organization, the delivery clarity and non-verbal cues used to communicate the speech. In this analysis of speeches during the crisis, I learnt the importance of showing concern for those who have been affected by a crisis.

Secondly, the speeches contained relevant information about the shooting incident and the soldiers’ misconduct. Thirdly, when handling crisis it is important to admit mistakes which the Brigadier does by noting there have been increasing incidents of soldier misconduct. By issuing the speeches to the media, President Obama and the Lt. General are co-operating with the media as it is important in recognizing the media as partners rather than enemies in a handling crisis situation.

Both the president and the LT. General are objective in their speeches and tell the truth about the two incidents which avoids the media exposing and embarrassing them later in case they were not truthful. Question 2 My second task for this unit involved analyzing an article on how an organization had been able to successfully handle a crisis. My first step involved searching for relevant articles in the library database. In my search I used the keywords “ crisis communication” and “ public relations” and I was able to find several articles that were associated with my topic.

After sifting through various abstracts in my search I was able to select an Article on how United Airlines and American Airlines had been able to handle the travel crisis that resulted from the September 11 terrorist attacks. I started by analyzing the purpose of writing the article. Secondly, I noted the research method the two authors had used in conducting research for the article. Thirdly, I analyzed how the airlines had been able to apply the concepts of crisis communication to successfully handle the crisis. From this articles analysis, I was able to see how various concepts of crisis communication are applied in practice.

The two airlines success in handling the crisis can first be owed to the fact that they provided relevant facts about the incident to the public. Secondly, the airlines addressed the question of customer confidence by resuming flights almost immediately and providing a lot of information on the procedure for booking flights after the attacks (Greer and Moreland 2003). The airlines also issued condolence messages to their customers and the general public a factor that indicates they were concerned about their welfare.

From the articles I was able to learn how to be precise and direct to the point in communicating with customers. The structure of the article also improves the readability of the article significantly as ideas flow from one level to the next.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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