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IntroductionThe purpose of this portfolio is to give an incisive reflection of my organizational effectiveness, intra and interpersonal effectiveness in a bid to expound on my professional strengths and preferences. The portfolio will help me discover areas where I still have much to do in regards to professional development. This paper also focuses on improving my knowledge in intercultural relationships and how I can move from the point of just knowing they exist and actually use them in a beneficial manner that will improve my organizational effectiveness and develop me individually within my profession.

The content of this portfolio is actually based on the lecture and tutorial activities together with group experiences. I have also included a considerable amount of relevant literature review to help me articulate my arguments better. This portfolio is divided into two parts. The first part I concentrate on intrapersonal effectiveness where I focus on my emotional intelligence. The second part I concentrate on interpersonal effectiveness where I put my focus on my preferred team role as determined from the self-perception inventory. In each of the sections I try to keep my argument and discussion to the context of organizational effectiveness as much as possible. Section 1: Emotional intelligenceEmotional intelligence as I have come to learn is a relatively new phenomenon to be studied by psychologists.

However it is an interesting subject to study as it has helped me improve on my organizational effectiveness and interpersonal skills a great deal. I learnt that emotional intelligence has been a subject of fascination to a number of researchers in the recent past. Daniel Goleman is probably the most prominent of them all with his landmark book ‘Emotional Intelligence’.

I learnt that emotional intelligence or otherwise known as EQ (Emotional Quotient) has been very instrumental to companies as they settle for their choice of employees (Jerrel and Mourad, 2008). As a matter of fact as I have come to discover through a random research, most of the human resource departments are switching to this mode in interviewing, profiling jobs and human resource development. In light of these facts then I believe that developing high level of emotional intelligence will improve how effective I am in any organizational set up in a way that will be beneficial to the organization and also develop me as a person.

A high emotional intelligence will improve my people skills and I will be able to develop excellent people skills that will make me foster even productive interpersonal relationship with the people I am working with in any organizational set up. I scored average on schutte-emotional intelligence scale. I had a score of 23. What this meant is that I had average emotional intelligence. The scale could not be so wrong about my emotional intelligence at all.

At the group discussions I could not quite well relate with some peoples ideas as I could feel they are too inferior, this would put me into conflict with some group members as we tried to debate on the validity of their proposal. However as I have come to realize. It is important to avoid personal conflicts especially in a group that is designed to work coherently, instead I can have intellectual conflict by not attacking the person but the idea it self.

What I came to learn from this course and my research at large is that emotional intelligence can only be achieved by first understanding your own emotions. What I have learnt from that is that when relating with people in an organizational set up which is diverse with many cultures and personalities, it is important that I first recognize my emotions and how they affect my thinking and determine my strengths and weaknesses. One of my emotions that I actually noted could impact negatively to my effectiveness in an organization is intolerance to other people’s ideas.

The implication of this is that I might almost tend to be dictatorial in group activities and when in a leadership position there is the danger of making the decisions on my own without consulting others.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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