Essays on Effective Crisis Communication Coursework

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The paper "Effective Crisis Communication" is a perfect example of management coursework. This was the first group activity in the course. I was appointed as the secretary to the group. My responsibilities were to call for meetings. Follow up on the progress of every member with respect to his or her own contribution to the tasks at hand after which I was to compile all the work and hand it over to the group for scrutiny. In the first week, I collected the necessary materials needed for the speech analysis which includes speeches by president Barrack Obama and the Australian Chief of Army in addition to the course work materials needed for the speech analysis.

Personally, I analyzed both speeches as it was required for each member of the group. After this, I presented my analysis to the group and the other members did this as well. I then compiled all the opinions after the group discussions to come up with the final document. Analysis From the analysis of the speeches, several key aspects of effective crisis communication can be deduced.

Firstly, it can be acknowledged that both the chief of the army and President Obama accepted that there was a problem. The chief noted that there were concerns with respect to discrimination in the promotion of army officials while the president noted that the mass shooting had occurred. It was also identified that good crisis communication should have a clear objective. Thirdly, it should also show the course of action which is to be taken so as to support the stakeholders affected and to prevent such an occurrence from happening again. Fourthly, the right person should be responsible for communicating with the public so as to make the greatest impact.

The communicator should exhibit confidence and clarity in his or her communication. It was also identified that the speaker should embrace the mood of the message being spoken so as to make an impact on the audience. Lastly, the commun9cation should be well structured irrespective of whether it is informal or formal communication. This was the second group task. The objective of the task was to analyze an article titled ‘ The Oxford Crisis Incident: Organizational culture’ s role in an anthrax crisis’ by Wise K.

From the article analysis, the group was expected to identify crucial aspects related to effective crisis communication. Just like other members in the group, I was expected to identify whether having a well laid down crisis communication plan and having a strong organization’ s communication culture is important in effective crisis communication. Personally, I read the article word by word after which I analyzed it individually before sharing my opinions with the group members at a later meeting.

After this, I compiled the analysis as it was part of my work as the secretary. Analysis The article’ s research methodology analyzed media reports and conducted interviews to investigate the topic at hand. The interviews were conducted on hospital management staff and aimed at highlighting the importance of open organizational communication culture ineffective crisis communication. From the article analysis, I identified the following key elements pertaining to an organization’ s culture and effective crisis communication. Firstly, I was identified that it is important for an organization to have clear crises communication structures so as to be able to enhance effective crisis communication in an organization (Robert 2010, p. 25 ).

Such structures necessitate that the organization trains its employees to be handle crisis and enhancing openness’ s and transparency in the communication culture so as to encourage the development of effective crisis management communication. From the analysis of the article, it can be concluded that there is a need for an organization to develop an appropriate organizational culture which upholds the need for an organization to have in place crisis communication structures which are well known to all the stakeholders involved.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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